Ancestral Plains

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Ancestral Plains is a giant map who is compound 3 giant Island and and the rest are small islands.

An overlook of the ancestral plains map.

Each of the 3 islands contains different biomes, on one you have marshes, on another you have great plains...

The different features of this map :

There are 2 unique features on this map.

The first is the fact that's the only map who have a river. The rivers are quite different from the lakes and have in them the current that each species of dinosaur more or less well resist. The second is a cycle, half the time, the center of the map is a sand that extends over very long distances. But during another part, the tide goes up and all the center of the map which was a flat ground with a rock which looks very much like Mont St-Michel is are engulfed in the waters.

In summary, this map is the largest and most recent of the game, with interesting features.

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A cartoon map of the Ancestral Plains map.