Communication and Roaring System

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A roaring Megalosaurus

Roaring is a feature in Beasts Of Bermuda which allows communication with other creatures. There are currently five roars implemented.


Every dinosaur has at least 3 calls:

  • Button 1 - broadcast call
  • Button 2 - friendly call, can also highlight fish for piscovores
  • Button 3 - aggressive call, used to contest other dinosaurs or suggest a threatening stance

In the future, two more general calls will be added to the game. Currently, only the Pachycephalosaurus and Pteranodon have these calls.

  • Button 4 - distress call, used when a creature needs help from their group
  • Button 5 - submissive call, used to shown that one has given up food, territory, or mates to a foe

The Parasaurolophus also has an alarm call in addition to these three calls.