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Console Commands exist in Beasts of Bermuda. They can allow for silly things to happen from changing your speed to jump a mountain to spawning tornadoes on a sunny day.

To access Console Commands, you'll need either your own server or you'll need access to a friend's server. Console Commands won't work on Official Servers. Same for Community Servers, but you have to be an Admin there. If you are the owner of the server, you'll need to setup each player you wish to be Admin in the game.ini file using the following line ServerAdmins=(UserSteamId64=01234567890123456,AdminRank="DefaultAdmin"). Replace that SteamId64 with the Steam Id of each player and making a separate line for them. Once done, save the settings and a server restart is required for it to take effect.

Server Hosting Screen with an Administrator Password

Console Commands were added during development to not only assist server owners with their own command testing. But, to also make it easier on the developers to ensure that nothing would be bugged in any future updates. Along with fixing temporary issues that can occur.

Some commands are locked to a Developer only role. No one can obtain this role.

There are 2 ways to use Console Commands.

Method 1 Method 2
Open Chat (1 by default) and use // , which is the Syntax for using console commands. If you are new to them or need a refresher, method 2 is the way to go. Use ` (The key left of 1). Typing a command will let you see matches and the syntax that follows.
Use of the Chat Box as a console

If you use Method 2, pushing ` and either the up or down arrow key will show the last 30 commands you used. Which is easy for getting set back up or command modifying. Last updated: September 21, 2021.

Player Commands

These commands must be re-entered every time the session is joined or a new Dino is spawned. Commands do not carry over.

SetFlyerClimbAltitude FlyerClimbAltitude[float] SetFlyerCrashMitigation FlyerCrashMitigation[float] SetFlyerLanding FlyerLanding[float] SetFoodLongetivityMultiplier FoodLongetivityMultiplier[float] SetFriendship Player1ID[int32] Player2ID[int32] Points[float] SetGender GenderString[FString] NameOrId[FString] SetGrabResistance GrabResistance[float] SetGrabSizeIncrease GrabSizeIncrease[float] SetGrowthLevel GrowthLevel[float] SetHealingRateIncrease HealingRateIncrease[float] SetHealthPoolIncrease HealthPoolIncrease[float] SetImprovedBraking ImprovedBraking[float] SetImprovedComfortFlowers ImprovedComfortFlowers[float] SetImprovedSandAttack SandAttack[float] SetImprovedThrashDamage ImprovedThrashDamage[float] SetImproveTailWhip Improvetailwhip[float] SetInjuryDamageResistance InjuryDamageResistance[float] SetInjuryDealerIncrease InjuryDealerIncrease[float] SetIntimidation Intimidation[float] SetJumpHeightIncrease JumpHeightIncrease[float] SetKeenSenses Keensenses[float] SetKnockbackDealerIncrease KnockbackDealerIncrease[float] SetKnockbackResistance KnockbackResistance[float] SetLatchImprovement LatchImprovement[float] SetLungeHardHeaded LungeHardHeaded[float] SetLungeMobilityImprovement LungeMobilityImprovement[float] SetLungePowerImprovement LungePowerImprovement[float] SetMomentumIncrease MomentumIncrease[float] SetName S[FString] SetOneshotAvoidance OneshotAvoidance[float] SetOnTheWingEatDrink OnTheWingEatDrink[float] SetOxygenImprovement OxygenImprovement[float] SetPlantEating PlantEating[float] SetPlayerGrowthLevel GrowthLevel[float] PlayerNameOrID[FString] SetPregnantStatus Pregnant[bool] TimeRemainingSeconds[float] SetScentImprovement ScenetImprovement[float] SetScenetMasking ScentMasking[float] SetSpeedIncrease SpeedIncrease[float] SetStaminaDrainImprovement StaminaDrainImprovement[float] SetStaminaPoolIncrease StaminaPoolIncrease[float] SetStats Health[float] Stam[float] Ability[float] Water[float] Food[float] Comfort[float] Injury[float] Venom[float] Bleed[float] FoodSat[Float] WaterSat[float] SetStressResistance StressResistance[float] SetSwimSpeedIncrease SwimSpeedIncrease[float] SetTailTip LocationAtTip[FVector] LocationSpace[TEnumbAsByte<ESplineCoordinateSpace::Type>] RotationAtTip[Frotator] RotationSpace[TEnumAsByte<ESplineCoordinateSpace::Type>] SetTakeoffSpeed takeoffspeed[float] SetTripThresholdIncrease TripThresholdIncrease[float] SetTurnRateIncrease TurnRateIncrease[float] SetUphillDropResist UphillSpeedDropResist[float] SetWaterLongetivityMultiplier WaterLongetivityMultiplier[float] SetWeatherResistanceIncrease WeatherResistanceIncrease[float]
Command Name Console Description What It Does Variables
SetAbilityPoolIncrease AbilityPoolIncrease[float] Raise or Lower Ability consumed per usage. More Ability: 0.000000000000000000000000000001.

Less Ability: Anything at or greater then what's listed in your Dino's stats. Default: 1

SetBackwardsSpeedIncrease Backwardsspeedincrease[float] Increases movement speed for Dino's that walk backwards. Needs testing.
SetBeachedComfortImprovement BeachedComfortImprovement[float] Improves Comfort Loss for Aquatics. Comfort Gain: 0.0000000000000000000000000001 ; Comfort Loss: Anything greater then 2.
SetBeachedMobility BeachedMobility[float] Allows Aquatics to move faster on land. No Movement Difference: 0 ; Moving as a Non Aquatic: 100 or greater.
SetBreathBarIncrease BreathBarIncrease[float] Allows Non Aquatics to stay underwater longer. Instantly out of breath: 0.0000000000000001 ; Staying under for 2 hours: 999999 (Anything larger will hide the breath bar for long time).
SetComfortNeutralPointIncrease ComfortNeutralPointIncrease[float] Raising Comfort to not be affected by status effects that would lower it. Slow Recovery: 0.0000000000000000001 ; Constant 100: 10000 or greater.
SetDamageIncrease DamageIncrease[float]
SetDepthResistance depthrsistance[float] Going deeper in the ocean without the negative effect of being too deep. Being able to go all the way to the bottom of the map: 0.000000000000001 ; Instantly Dead: 100 ; If a higher number is set for Instantly Dead, if a value is set for comfort, it is ignored.
SetDiet plants[float] Meat[float] Fish[float] A developer exclusive command to alter what the dino eats. Tried setting it to Yes No No. Didn't work. Tried setting it to only plants. Didn't work. Tried setting it to 9000 0 90. Didn't work.
SetDirt Value[int32] Developer exclusive command for the amount of dirt their Ory's carrying? Setting a value informs you don't have permission.
SetDirtCarry Dirtcarry[float] Alter how much dirt an Ory's carrying. Lower Number should equal instantly full on dirt. Higher number should equal endless digging. Needs Testing.
SetDiveDamageIncrease DiveDamageIncrease[float]
SetDrownDamage DrownDamage[float] A Developer command that affects how much damage is recieved when drowning underwater. Despite the command prompting it working for Admins, changing the value to 0 does not have any effect on the player drowning.
SetElusiveness Elusiveness[float]

Talent Commands

These commands only apply to the talents your creature uses. Giving yourself a talent you don't have will not give you that talent.

Command Name Console Description What It Does Variables
SetAcroRoarAbility AcroRoarAbility[float]
SetBabySnatcher BabySnatcher[float]
SetBurrowMaster BurrowMaster[float] Allows Oryctodromeus to dig more in their burrows. Can't dig: 0.00000000000000001 ; Endless digging: 99999999
SetEggThief eggthief[float]
SetFasterStomp FasterStomp[float]
SetGoodParent GoodParent[float] Affects how quickly female eggs gestatue and how many eggs males may send. No effect: 0.0000000000000000001 ; Instantly ready: 999999999999.
SetImprovedDart ImprovedDart[float]
SetMegaloAbility MegaloAbility[float]
SetPachyCharge PachyCharge[float]
SetParaAbility ParaAbility[float]
SetPlayerTalent PlayerNameOrID[FString] Talent[FString] NumTalents[int32] NumInherits[int32] A developer exclusive command to assign talents. My guess is that it doesn't affect your talent points.
SetScavenger Scavenger[float]
SetSharpTeeth SharpTeeth[float]
SetSonarAbility SonarAbility[float]
SetStaminaBite StaminaBite[float]
SetStompSplash StompSplash[float]
SetStrongBond StrongBond[float]
SetSwiftClaws SwiftClaws[float]
SetTalent TalentName[FString] Talented[int32] Inherited[int32] Allows the player to assign any talent they can acquire. Using this commands treats your talent points as if you've spent them, including Inherits. Overassigning will leave to negative talent points available rendering all talents and used commands null until fixed. Talents can be 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 4/3, 5/3, 6/3, 7/3. Inherits are +1, +2, +3. You cannot assign anything higher then this. It seems assigned a talent at 7/3 +3 does not have an impact on that talent.
SetThickHide ThickHide[float]
SetTurnWhileStomping TurnWhileStomping[float]
SetVigilance Vigilance[float]
SetWingBeatEfficiency Value[float]
SetWingBeatImprovement Value[float]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (placeholder) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Announce FmtMessage[FString] - "Announce Hello All"

  • Say a Message at Screen for all.


  • Enter the Spectator Mode


  • Leave the Spectator Mode


  • Enter the Incognito Mode

KickPlayer NameOrID[FString] Reason[Fstring] bDetachPawnBeforeKick[bool] MutePlayer NameOrId[Fstring] TimeMinutes[int32] BanPlayer NameOrId[FString] TimeHours[int32] Reason[FString] bBanMainAccount[bool] UnMutePlayer Playerid64[int64] UnBanPlayer Playerid64[int64]


  • Teleports the player to the location in the center of their screen.

TeleportAt X[float] Y[float] Z[float]

  • Teleports the player to the specified coordinates.

TeleportToP PlayerName[FString]

  • Teleports the player to an other one, either specified by their name (by default) or their ID on the server.
  • "TeleportToP SomeGuy" will teleport you to SomeGuy
  • "TeleportToP 325 ID" will teleport you to the player with ID 325.

TeleportToMe Playername[FString]


  • Toggles display of the coordinates in the top center of the screen.

Stat FPS

  • Toggles display of FPS in the top center of the screen.

PossessEntity Species

  • Has an optional argument, Species. If Species is provided, the player will automatically spawn and become the specified species. If it is not provided, the player will possess the creature they are looking at in the center of the screen.
  • The player can spawn as the Observer by using this mode and specifying Observer as the Species argument. This allows the player to roam the map as a floating camera, useful for getting great screenshots or recording gameplay footage from different angles.
  • You are not allowed to possess a player-owned entity.


  • Destroys the creature in the center of the player's screen.
  • You are not allowed to destroy a player-owned entity.



  • Enables physics on the player's creature.

SpawnEntity Species

  • Allows the player to spawn a creature of their choice in the center of their screen.


  • Allows the player to fill all of their stats to max.

SetPlayerStats Health Stamina Ability Water Food Comfort

  • Allows the player to specify the levels of their various stats. Specifying health of 0.5, for example, will fill health to halfway full.


  • Displays debug data related to the player's state.


  • Displays debug data related to the player's controller.


  • Toggles the boolean game state 'AllowAnyInput.' This command was important for debugging the notorious stuck bug.

Weather Commands

SetWeather Fog Rain Cumulus SkyGreyness WindIntensity WindDirectionX WindDirectionY Lightning Surge

  • Sets the various storm parameters.

- Maximum Water Height "SetWeather 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 20000" - Minimum Water Height "SetWeather 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -6000" - Slow Rain "SetWeather 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 -6000" - Epic Rain "SetWeather 0 5000 0 0 0 0 0 0 -6000" - Reset Wheater "SetWeather 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0"


  • Allows the player to see when the next storm will be, or, if it is storming, see how long it has been since the storm started.


  • Allows the player to force a storm to come, but not specify its intensity or duration. This command will take a minute or two to execute due to the way the storm system works. Be patient with it!

PauseWeather Boolean

  • Allows the player to pause the current weather system, keeping the effects as is for an indefinite period of time.

ToggleWeatherData Boolean

  • Allows the player to continuously see a stream of information about the storm.


  • Allows the player to call a lightning bolt to the location at the center of their screen.

SpawnTornado Intensity[float]

  • Allows the player to call a Tornado with Size at the center of their screen.


  • Allows the player to move the Tornado at the center of their screen.


  • Allows the player to kill all Tornados.

Spawn / Carcasses

SpawnEntity en[Fname] Size[float]

SpawnEgg MotherID[int32] FatherID[int32] Completion[float]

SpawnCarcass FoodValue[float] AmountRemaining[Float] bFromPlayer[bool]

  • Spawn Meat / Carcass in Front of Screen with Size and Quality
  • SpawnCarcass 250 250 1 0 - Spawns normal player gore
  • SpawnCarcass 250 250 1 1 - Spawns a fish gore

Summon ClassName[FString]

ResetFish Startindex[int32] StopIndex[int32]

  • Reset Fish in Map Index on Map.


  • Reset all Fishstage on Map.


Other Commands

AnnoyingDinosaur NameOrID[FString]



Respawn NameOrID[Fstring]

ResetTalentModifiers (Warning it get errors)


RemoveFoliageInstance ComponentName[FString] Index[int32]

TakeServerLog LengthSeconds[float]

ToggleWeatherData IsShowingData[bool]

ToggleSpeaking binSpeaking[bool]

ImpactFromFall ImpactVelocity[FVector] ImpactVelocity[FVector] ImpactVelocity[FVector]

OnlyLoadLevel PackageName[FName]

Open <MapName>

open (opens connection to localhost)

PossessEntity DinoSpecies[FName]

PrintFish Startindex[int32] StopIndex[int32]

SwitchLevel URL[FString]





  • make a screenshot


SetWeatherResistanceIncrease [float]

SendToConsole Command[FString]

ServerConsoleCommand Command[FString]






DisplayAllRotation <ClassName>

DisplayAllLocation <ClassName>

DisplayAll <ClassName> <PropertyName>




DestroyPawns aClass[TSubclassOf<APawn>]



DestroyAll aClass[TSubclassOf<AActor>]


DamageTarget DamageAmount[float]





FOV NewFOV[float]

GoodDinosaur NameOrId[FString]

GiveEgg MotherID[int32] FatherID[int32] Completion[float]

GetWaterDarknessTransform ReturnValue[FTransform] ReturnValue[FTransform]

GetTalentMod Talent[ETalentEnum] ReturnValue[float]

GetMyImmersionDepth DefaultValue[float] ReturnValue[float]

GetJumpHeightModifier ReturnValue[float]


Camera NewMode[FName]




MakeBrood BabyCount[FString] Male[Fstring] Female[Fstring]

MatePlayers MaleID[int32] Female[int32]

You can find more by writing the first letter into the F2 console.