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     BeastsOfBermudaServer.exe -GameMode Life_Cycle -AdminPassword cxvbji -MapName Forest_Island -SessionName My_awesome_server -NumPlayers 32 ?MultiHome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xx?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015 -log  
     BeastsOfBermudaServer.exe -GameMode Life_Cycle -AdminPassword cxvbji -MapName Forest_Island -SessionName My_awesome_server -NumPlayers 32 ?MultiHome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xx?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015 -log  
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Dedicated Server Console
Beasts of Bermuda supports dedicated servers. In order to start a server, one has two solutions
- Grab the executable file BeastsOfBermudaServer.exe located in [GameRoot]\BeastsOfBermuda\Binaries\[OSType].
- Download our dedicated server tool via SteamCMD or the Steam client software. This section will be detailed here

Starting this executable, will, by default, open up Test_Performance, and allow 32 connections. The user can however, pass custom arguments into the dedicated server using command line arguments.

Setting custom game parameters into the executable

Game Arguments must follow this syntax: -key value. Server Arguments must follow this one: ?key=value.

A dedicated server can be customized using the following arguments:
  • -MapName Name
Valid values are any of the available maps in game. If a map appears to be made of several words, its spacings must be replaced by "_"
  • Currently, one can open a server on
    • Test_Performance
    • Bloodbath
    • Forest_Island
    • If not specified, defaults to Test_Performance

  • -GameMode mode
Valid values are Life_Cycle, Combat and Free_Roam. If not specified, will default to Life_Cycle'.

  • -SessionName Name
Consider a rather short name (avoid "My Super Server that really is awesome pls join"). Spacings must be replaced with "_" for the command to be parsed properly.
Example: -SessionName Vipe's_dedicated_server. For people seeing your server, it will appear as following: Vipe's dedicated server

  • -ServerPassword Password
A password for the game server. No spaces. If not specified, server will have no password.

  • -AdminPassword Password
A password for the admin login. No spaces. If not specified, anyone can use the admin commands. It is recommended to specify a value.

  • -NumPlayers Value
A limit for server's public connections. Basically for how many slots a server has. If not specified, defaults to 32.

Customizing Dedicated server listen and Query ports, and Multihome IP adress

Here comes the more advanced stuff. If you are running multiple servers on your machine, you will need these in order to change the ports used by the server to communicate with the world.

  • ?Port=xxxxx
This is the server's listen port. Its default value is 7777. On your router's ports settings, ensure that the port you are using is open for both TCP and UDP, as the server will use these two.

  • ?QueryPort=xxxxx
This is the server's steam Query Port. Its default value is 27015. Just like the server's listen port, ensure that the port you are using is open for TCP and UDP.

  • ?Multihome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
This is your multihome adress, if you use one.

For all of the above server command line flags, do not use space between each, as the following: ?Port=xxxxx?QueryPort=xxxxxx

Setting up dedicated Server using SteamCMD or Steam Client Dedicated Server tool

Steam CMD

To set up a dedicated server using SteamCMD, follow the instructions on Valve's website about their product: Set up Steam CMD

Once you have it unzipped and ready to use, open up the command line in SteamCMD's executable folder (shift + right click on Windows) and use the following command:

steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir your/installdir/beastsofbermuda_ds +app_update 882430 +quit

Via Steam client software

Here is a lot simpler. In your library, next to the "Search"" bar, click on <GAMES> and go to "tools". There, look for "Beasts Of Bermuda Dedicated Server". Download and install, and you are good to go.

Steam client UI

Example of working batch scripts to run a server

Note: It is recommended to finish your command line with -log with no parameter. Otherwise, server will run in the background.

     BeastsOfBermudaServer.exe -GameMode Combat -AdminPassword cxvbji -MapName Test_Performance -SessionName My_awesome_server -NumPlayers 32 -log
     BeastsOfBermudaServer.exe -GameMode Life_Cycle -AdminPassword cxvbji -MapName Forest_Island -SessionName My_awesome_server -NumPlayers 32 ?MultiHome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xx?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015 -log

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