Deity Shrines

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Deity Shrines

There are six total deity shrines on Forest Island, Rival Shores, and Ancestral Plains

  • These shrines come in three different types, representing the Mobility, Power, and Survival deities
    • There is one of each type under the Ocean, and one more of each type on land
  • There is a new Trial, Shrines Visited, associated with these shrines. This trial requires one to visit each shrine
    • Non-aquatics need to only visit the shrines that are on land, and aquatics need to only visit the shrines under the Ocean. Lurdu and Ichthy must visit all six
  • If killed while in the presence of a deity shrine, that death counts as a sacrifice to that deity.
  • Players do not grow in the presence of a deity shrine
  • Though not needed for the Shrines Visited Trial, players can visit either shrine for the purposes of pledging or sacrificing if they wish to do so

Pledging or Sacrificing to a Deity

  • Each deity shrine can be interacted with. It will give the player the option to either pledge or sacrifice to that deity
  • When a creature is dead, if it was neither pledged, nor sacrificed, it is worth 75% of its living value when used for fulfilling a resurrection cost
  • If a creature, living or dead, was pledged to a deity, the Trials category associated with that deity is forgiven, setting its point value equal to the second best of that creature's other two Trials scores
    • Creature point values are broken down and shown pre Trials category both on the save select screen and in the prompt shown when you pledge to a deity at a shrine
    • These point values are based on a combination of how long the creature has been played, and how well the player has done on that creature's Trials
    • If a creature has these point values: Power = 100, Mobility = 150, Survival = 125, a pledge to the Power deity shrine will bump the Power category up to 125. A pledge to the Mobility or Survival deity will not increase any individual Trials category unless the player earns enough Power Trials score to surpass one of these other two
    • This allows players to avoid or neglect a specific Trial or collection of Trials and focus on the other two if they wish to, for example, ignore the hunting / power Trials
  • If a creature sacrifices themselves at a shrine to a specific deity, the corresponding point value in that Trials category is instead set to the maximum of the three Trials categories.
    • In the example above, this means sacrificing to the Power deity, which is done by visiting the Power deity shrine on the map, will result in their Power score being set to 150
  • You can change your pledge at any time by visiting the appropriate deity shrine. The previous pledge is overwritten by the new pledge.

Resurrecting dead creatures

  • Dead creatures can be resurrected by a new, in-game UI which can be found on the save selection screen
  • When selecting a dead creature, the option to resurrect that creature will now be present
  • While attempting to resurrect a creature, the player will then be given the opportunity to sacrifice other dead or living creatures on the save select screen to meet the cost of resurrection
  • If the cost of resurrection is not met, the value of the sacrificed creatures will instead be subtracted from the resurrection cost
    • This allows players to chip away at the cost of resurrection for a large creature that may be too expensive to resurrect at the time
  • After resurrecting a creature, the cost to resurrect that creature once more should it die again will go up by 50%. This stacks multiplicatively for repeated deaths and resurrections
    • Admin resurrections do not apply this penalty
  • The point value of a creature when used to meet resurrection costs is not equal to the point value required to resurrect a creature
    • Point values are always broken down into three categories, those being Power, Mobility, and Survival
    • The cost to resurrect a creature is based on this formula:
      • If > 1.1, Cost = (1.5 ^ NumTimesResurrected) * NumMinutesPlayed * (Growth / 1.1) ^ 4
      • If <= 1.1, Cost = (1.5 ^ NumTimesResurrected) * NumMinutesPlayed * (Growth / 1.1) ^ 0.5
    • For those not mathematically inclined, after growth 1.1 the cost to resurrect a creature increases very, very rapidly
    • The point value of a creature when used for meeting a resurrection cost is based on this formula:
      • PointValue = NumMinutesPlayed * TrialCategoryScore, where TrialCategoryScore ranges from 0 to 1.0 based on the average scores of the Trials in that category
      • If dead and neither sacrificed nor pledged, this PointValue is 75% of what it would be from the calculation above


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