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The Freeroam Gamemode

Freeroam is one of the three (current) in-game gamemodes, alongside the Life Cycle and Combat gamemodes. However, it has unique features that set it apart from the other two.

The Basics

Like any other gamemode, Freeroam requires one to keep their selected playable creature alive by maintaining an appropriate level of hunger, thirst, and comfort. Perhaps oxygen level as well, if one selects a completely aquatic creature. Similarly to Combat, upon spawning, the player is granted a fully grown (1.0 growth) creature. With growth disabled for the gamemode and talent points not needing to be gained through score, the adult creature spawns with a total of 20 talent points that can be applied to any accessible point on any branch of the talent tree. Inheritance and non-command nesting are two features of Life Cycle that are also disabled with this gamemode. The spawned creature cannot grow anywhere past 1.0 without the use of commands.

"Sandbox" and Testing

The lack of consequences for death means that this gamemode is preferred by many to "mess around" in. Battle scenarios, creature stats, and more can all be viewed and experimented with in a controlled environment using Freeroam. The light-hearted and uncosequential nature of this gamemode has sometimes lead to it being called "sandbox" by some users.