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Lurdusaurus Species: L. arenatus
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 9 meters (30 feet)
Weight: 5.5 tonnes (6.1 short tons)
Category: Herbivore
Diet: Plants

Lurdusaurus is a large herbivorous ornithopod. Lurdusaurus is unique among ornithopods for its stout build and relatively short limbs, giving it an uncanny resemblance to the ankylosaurs despite not being a direct relative. This short, stout build is thought to have served a similar purpose as it does in the hippopotamus, allowing the creature to move on both land and in the water.

The Lurdusaurus in the game will be the first semi-aquatic herbivore, comfortable on land and in the water, but not masters of moving on either. This allows the Lurdusaurus to use the water to escape the predators of the land, and land to escape aquatic predators. This means that the Ichthyovenator is currently the prime candidate for Lurdusaurus' main predator, since it can easily follow no matter where Lurdusaurus tries to go.

The Lurdusaurus will have two attacks. Its primary attack will be a frontal paw swipe attack, while its secondary attack will be a stomp.

Unique Ability: The Lurudsaurus will be a semi-aquatic herbivore, able to freely move from land to sea to feed on new food sources and evade predators.

Other facts: The Lurdusaurus has a hippo like playstyle, eating seaweed and wandering from water source to water source in search of food.

A pair of Lurdusaurus migrating from a freshwater lake to the ocean.