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A pair of Velociraptors vocalizing on a rock

Paleo Stats

Species: V. mongoliensis
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 2.07 meters (6.8 feet)
Weight: 19.7 kilograms (43 pounds)

Basic Information

Category: Carnivore
Diet: Meat

In-game Stats (Adult, Growth 1.0)

Health: 100
Stamina: 150
Ability: 100
Comfort: 100
Base Food Capacity: 100
Overweight Food Capacity: 130
Water Capacity: 100
Oxygen Capacity: 100
Growth Rate: Very fast
Weather Resistance: Extremely Low
Can be picked up by a tornado: Yes


The Velociraptor is a playable carnivore in Beasts of Bermuda. It is one of the smallest playable creatures in the game, rivaled only by the currently unreleased Oryctodromeus

The small stature of the Velociraptor gives it a plethora of advantages, such as squeezing through rocks, surviving immensely high falls, climbing trees, and most importantly, staying hidden. It can also jump at incredible heights: the highest of all creatures, and is even able to control the direction of its jump while in mid-air, allowing it to almost glide in the direction it chooses. Its high stamina pool (a full grown possessing 150) most definitely compliments its jumping.

Oftentimes, it is interpreted as a weak and skittish carnivore, but it is deceptively one of the strongest. Such small size allows the Velociraptor to dodge attacks and bite its targets with incredible agility. With enough careful practice, a single Velociraptor can kill creatures as large as a Tyrannosaurus rex!


Pros and Cons


+ Small

+ High stamina

+ Can climb up trees and rocks

+ Jumps incredibly high

+ Runs fast


- Terribly low health, to the point where it will die from one hit by a large creature

- Low weather resistance

- Naturally low base damage



Unique Signature Attribute: The Velociraptor can climb up trees and rock walls by pressing E when jumping near a climbable surface. Pressing E will detach the Velociraptor, while pressing Spacebar will cause it to leap off the object.

Unique Attribute: The Velociraptor possesses a significantly enlarged amount of stamina, having been granted 150 instead of the standard 100.

  • Special Ability - Baby Snatcher: The Velociraptor must unlock this talent in order to utilize it. Once unlocked, it will be able to grab smaller creatures by holding the ability key next to them. As the victim is held, Ability power will slowly deplete (meaning you cannot hold them forever), and you are not able to attack the grabbed victim.



The biggest weakness of the Velociraptor is its frail health. Oftentimes, only one or two hit is needed to kill a Velociraptor.

The Velociraptor will often attempt to attack its target's blind spots, such as the back of the feet and the tail. Creatures that have attacks that reach near or beyond their feet such as the Ichthyovenator, Apatosaurus and Saichania can effectively brush off any Velociraptor that dares do so.

Lastly, the Velociraptor has very low weather resistance, and must seek shelter in even mild rain.

A climbing Velociraptor


Additional Notes

  • When the Oryctodromeus becomes a playable creature, its burrows will be able to be trespassed by the Velociraptor.