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A group of Wiehenvator in a desert
Paleo Information
Name Meaning: Great Lizard
Species: Wiehenvator
Time Period: Jurassic
Height: 10 feet
Length: 20 feet
Weight: 700kg
Basic Information
Diet: Meat
Category: Carnivore
Stance: Bipedal
Family: Megalosauridae
In-Game Stats
Health: 675
Damage: 150
Speed: 920
Stamina: 110


The Wiehenvator is a playable carnivorous creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It is the second fastest terrestrial predator, the fastest being Megaraptor. Both of these creatures can chase their prey for long distances thanks to their incredible speed. Such prey include the Parasaurolophus, Velociraptor and Ichthyovenator, as well as most juvenile creatures.

The Wiehenvator can detect the amount of health a nearby creature has. This lets the Wiehenvator properly decide whether combat should be initiated or not, as the health of a creature can determine if a fight will be easy or rough. Additionally, the Wiehenvator can invest talent points into the ability Identification to further enhance its ability to detect, revealing their stamina, comfort, sex, water, food and even ability power. With such knowledge of its prey, the Wiehenvator can easily capitalize on their weakness.


Pros and Cons


  • Can reveal the information of its prey
  • Great agility
  • Stronger in numbers. Enough to take down T.rex with coordination.


  • Susceptible to injury
  • Middling weather resistance
  • Weak as solo. Expect to hunt smaller creatures or live off of spawn gore as a solo player.



  • Primary Attack: A large, outward bite. It deals modest damage and has a moderate rate of attack speed.
  • Secondary Attack: Same as the Primary Attack, except it makes the Wiehenvator bite downwards instead of forwards.
  • Special Ability: The Wiehenvator can gather the information of its prey. When the Ability Key is held down, a cursor will appear on the screen. When this cursor is pointed at a creature, it will be identified, allowing the Wiehenvator to see its stats. This ability consumes ability power.



The Wiehenvator must be cautious around larger creatures with injury-inducing attacks, such as the Tyrannosaurus and Saichania. One wrong step, and the Wiehenvator will be crippled in a single hit.


Additional Notes

  • As of the 21st december 2021, Wiehenvator lost it's bleeding ability and also the serrated teeth which got replaced with sharp teeth.
  • Wiehenvator is one of the fastest-swimming non-aquatic playable creatures, becoming a fairly competent swimmer when the aqua affinity, strong lungs and resilience talents are maxed out. Due to this, it can be an excellent dinosaur for island hopping. But as always, beware of aquatic predators.


More information is available in the Wiehenvator Spotlight Video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkz4VHx4a0M (Updated Wiehenvator video for 2020)