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Beasts of Bermuda is an open world survival, where you as the player take control of your very own prehistoric creature, whether aquatic, aerial or land bound. With control in hand, your goal is to survive, to thrive. With the ability to customize the details of your dinosaur, down to every tint of color, you remain unique compared to others.

  • The game is currently in development, gaining new assets and mechanics pretty much daily!
  • The game is currently being developed by Predatoria and Vipe. Predatoria is a veteran carnotaur player on the game "The Isle". Great experiences in this game sparked his desire to found and develop the game Beasts of Bermuda. Vipe is an aspiring digital artist with a passion for paleontology and dinosaurs and has done some wonderful art. He’s a veteran player of Primal Carnage (Original) and has a particular liking for playing the Pteranodon.