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Megaraptor is a nimble and fast carnivore with a unique special ability! To read more about Megaraptor and various other balance and QoL changes, click here.


Beasts of Bermuda is a survival game in which you play as a prehistoric creature native to the mysterious islands of Bermuda: a tropical ecosystem absent from human contact and full of prehistoric life. With its propensity to storms and shifting tides, wildfires and even tornados, the Bermuda is an ever-changing ecosystem. Choose from several creatures, including terrestrials, flyers, aquatics or semi-aquatics, and battle your way through the severity of hunger, thirst, stress, and predation, all of which are aspects that pose as constant threats to your survival. Play as whichever creature suits you the best, be it an herbivore, a carnivore, a piscivor or even an omnivore and learn to thrive on the islands of Bermuda.

The game is currently under development and was first released on December 21st, 2018 as a primarily multiplayer experience. Check out its Steam page here!

What does Beasts of Bermuda have to offer?

Beasts of Bermuda offers the experience of playing in unique niches as an (semi-)aquatic, flying, or terrestrial creature. Certain creatures specialize in unique gameplay. For instance, semiaquatics offer a lifestyle that is different from traditional carnivores and marines, as they are both adept at swimming and running.

The game also has unique map elements. Whether you're seeking a cave to shelter from a storm, waiting for the tide to drop to walk safely to a new island, or migrating to avoid a forest fire or a depleted water source, the map is always changing around you and feeling alive.

The playable creatures in Beasts of Bermuda all have their own unique abilities. Some can grab their prey, others can pounce large distances, and some can even climb up walls. Every animal is different in Beasts of Bermuda, and a lot of effort has been put into making the mechanics unique and enjoyable.

Comfort is a unique mechanic that determines how healthy your creature is. At its highest peak, a creature can grow well, but at its lowest, a creature becomes stressed and can die. Stress can be caused by (but is not limited to) over-eating, staying near ungrouped creatures, and exposure to harsh storms.

Beasts of Bermuda give players free reign over how they look. Skins are completely customizable, allowing the user a free range of color choices, whether it be for camouflage or dazzle. Additionally, the talents mechanic allows players to choose their creature's specialties and spend points in different kinds of playstyles, such as extra health or speed.

Breeding is also an available mechanic; offspring will receive a mixture of their parents' corresponding skins and colors, as well as occasionally sporting mutations of the leucistic, melanistic, and wildcard varieties. Offspring will receive inherits based on their parents' talent trees.

Many different challenges are always present in Beasts of Bermuda. One must find food and quench their thirst in the ever-changing environment. Different animals have different means of obtaining food. Some are carnivores who need to hunt and eat their fellow players to survive. Others are herbivores, and thus have more peaceful means of eating. Piscivores are capable of eating both other players and fish. Along with the necessities of day-to-day survival, mother nature is always at your heels with its unpredictable weather that keeps the game interesting to play.

Current Gamemodes

  • Life-cycle - The first is our Life Cycle mode of gameplay. The player selects a creature of choice and spawns into the world as a juvenile of that species. They must survive and gradually grow larger over time. As growth accumulates, they also earn talents, which can be spent to enhance different aspects of your creature's capabilities. At the growth of 1.320, the player must choose between remaining at this growth or entering The Gauntlet. Trial System.
  • Combat - This game mode involves constant battling. Players will spawn as adult creatures and can kill other players to gain ever-increasing points. When you die, a percentage of your points are transferred to your killer. Train here to improve your chances of survival or just have fun!
  • Free Roam - Free roam is a gamemode that represents majority of the old game in regards to growth speeds and when talent points are gained. It's what existed before Titania and Gauntlet's gamemode. This mode is similar to Life Cycle, however there is no Gauntlet. Growth becomes slowed after becoming Elder (1.200)

Regardless of the selected mode of play, settings may differ from server to server based on the owner's preferences.

Where is Beasts of Bermuda in its development?

Beasts of Bermuda began development on January 16th, 2017. Currently, the game offers a fully functional game world with many combat mechanics and map-based survival elements already in place. Make no mistake, our game is still pre-release and very much under development. Future development will likely focus on expanding the playable creature roster, improving the quality of the graphics, models, general assets, and then implementing additional game modes.

The game was released on Dec 21st, 2018 on the game's steam page. Within their steam page are the game's patch notes where you can read in detail what new mechanics have been implemented. However, the best way to keep up with development is to join the official Beasts of Bermuda discord (, where you can ask the developers in the appropriate channels about the current build of the game.

See Why was Beasts of Bermuda created?


Lead Developers

BoB Developers
Callie - 3D Modeller
Sepiks - Sound design
Detestation - Programmer


What platforms will Beasts of Bermuda be available on?

Currently, Beasts of Bermuda only has Windows support as adding support for other operating systems is low on our priority list. In the future, MAC and Linux support will be added as well. Steam will be our method of distribution. Beasts of Bermuda is a PC game and will not function on consoles. We are also currently waiting for the Nvidia support, which should only be a matter of time and only requires their confirmation.


When will Beasts of Bermuda be officially released from Early Access?

As of right now, there is no ETA on this as we are currently still focusing on improving the game.


Will Beasts of Bermuda have single-player support, or will it strictly be a multiplayer game?

Beasts of Bermuda is being created as a multiplayer game. If a player wishes to do so, they can host a server and play alone, but multiplayer play is strongly encouraged. You can also see Dedicated Servers.


Will there be Steam achievements?

Achievements will be available in-game upon the full release.


How much is Beasts of Bermuda's Price?

Beasts of Bermuda costs $20.00 (USD/EUR) and can be purchased on Steam. The game occasionally goes on sale.


How can I keep up with Beasts of Bermuda's development?

In the Social Media section you will find links to the Discord, Steam, YouTube, Twitch and other ways to keep up with the game. You will also find a lot of people sharing their gameplay on YouTube and other platforms.



Current species list updated as of January 14, 2023.

Legend Abbreviations

  • (SA) means Semi-Aquatic
  • (AAD) means AA Donator picks
  • (DD) means Developer picks
Dinosaur Name Dinosaur Type Abbreviation? Status
Acrocanthosaurus Carnivore - Playable
Apatosaurus Herbivore - Playable
Archelon Aquatic (SA; AAD) Playable
Arganodus Aquatic - AI; Playable
Auroraceratops Herbivore - AI; Playable
Coahuilaceratops Omnivore (AAD) Playable
Elasmosaurus Aquatic - Playable
Frog Omnivore (SA) AI; Playable
Horseshoe Crab Omnivore (SA) AI; Playable
Ichthyovenator Carnivore (SA) Playable
Kaprosuchus Carnivore (SA; AAD) Not yet implemented
Kronosaurus Aquatic - Playable
Lurdusaurus Herbivore (SA) Playable
Malawania Aquatic - AI; Playable
Megaraptor Carnivore - Playable
Mosasaurus Aquatic - Playable
Oryctodromeus Herbivore (AAD) Playable
Pachycephalosaurus Omnivore - Playable
Palaeophis Aquatic (AAD) Not yet implemented
Parasaurolophus Herbivore - Playable
Pteranodon Flyer (SA) Playable
Saichania Herbivore (AAD) Playable
Tapejara Flyer (DD) Not yet implemented
Tropeognathus Flyer (SA; AAD) Playable
Tyrannosaurus rex Carnivore - Playable
Utahraptor Carnivore (DD) Not yet implemented
Velociraptor Carnivore - Playable
Wiehenvenator Carnivore - Playable
Zupaysaurus Carnivore (DD) Not yet implemented