Tyrannosaurus rex

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Species: T. rex
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 12.3 meters (40 feet)
Weight: 8.4 tonnes (9.3 short tons)
Category: Carnivore
Diet: Meat
A feathered rex drinking from a freshwater lake.

The Tyrannosaurus is by far the strongest creature in game. With a bite attack that does 575 damage, it can kill all but the largest animals in a few hits. However, its power is curtailed by having an extremely small pool of stamina. This makes the Tyrannosaurus an ambush hunter. Unlike the Acrocanthosaurus, which is a persistence hunter, the Tyrannosaurus rex is forced to lie in wait, hidden among the foliage, until a prey item passes by. If its attack does not connect and do the necessary injury damage to cripple its prey's movement, it will be left in the dust.

Unique Ability: The Tyrannosaurus rex is the largest predator on the islands. The T-rex is very fast, more than a acro but he is the creature that's have the less stamina. The element of surprise is paramount for success with this creature, as it's ability is still being determined and might not even have one, depending on its gameplay.

Other Facts: The Tyrannosaurus have a feathered and scaly variant.