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Most creatures have a unique ability they can utilize. This helps them fulfill their particular niche within the islands. The only creature that does not technically have a special ability is Apatosaurus. These two are each so unique in their own right that their distinct playstyle distinguishes them more than an ability would. Apatosaurus is extremely large, dealing knockback and a lot of damage while also having a lot of health. Tyrannosaurus is similar, having an extremely powerful bite and being the largest land carnivore.

The following is a list of all in-game special abilities. Bear in mind the definition of 'special ability' is sometimes unclear, and that multiple creatures may share a special ability.

  • Dart: Allows the player to dart forward with varying degrees of efficiency, attaining high speeds and dealing damage to those it comes in contact with. Exclusively used in water. Talents can improve its efficiency. Creatures with dart are Ichthyovenator, Lurdusaurus, Mosasaurus, and Elasmosaurus.
  • Spiky Shield: allows the player to erect a shield against damage, with talents available to increase the percentage it deflects. Only Saichania possesses this ability.
  • Flight: Allows the player to lift off and soar across the skies! Dubiously a special ability, but used by Pteranodon and later Tapejara and Tropeognathus.
  • Batter: Allows the player to deliver a powerful charging attack dealing significant knockback. Can be increased using talents; only Pachycephalosaurus has this ability.
  • Climb/Pounce: Used by Velociraptor and soon Utahraptor, this allows the player to grip trees, stones creatures and cliffs in order to climb them. Currently pounce, which allows one to grip other creatures, is simply a more powerful jump.
  • Bleed: Used by Acrocanthosaurus, it lowers the target's ability to regenerate health and comfort significantly. Talents improve it.
  • Lunge: Used by Kronosaurus, it is charged up and released to deal a lot of damage & injury. It propels the player, but they are also damaged (mitigated by a talent). Talents improve the power of this ability.
  • Cloak: Used by Elasmosaurus and Kronosaurus, it is unlocked through a talent that improves it. It allows the player to enter a transparent state at the cost of significant ability power & stamina. They can stay in it indefinitely as long as the cloak isn't broken.
  • Fisher: Used by Pteranodon, Elasmosaurus, and Ichthyovenator, this is equivalent to one of the effects of 3/3 Aqua Affinity-the ability to sniff for fish.
  • Identification: Used by Megalosaurus, this allows the player to sniff out the stats of others. The statistics displayed increase with each talent point invested in its unique talent.
  • Devastating Ambush: Used by Tyrannosaurus rex, A very fast speed buff that is able to be activated only after 10 seconds of motionless crouching. — Once ready, an icon will appear as a status effect - Pressing the Ability key once will then trigger the Ability. Allowing the Tyrannosaurus 5 seconds of Increased speed as well as Freezing your stamina, so it doesn't drain during the ability's active time. The ability is a good way to quickly sneak up on prey or swiftly running down faster foes.