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An elasmosaurus swimming in the open ocean.

Paleo Stats

Species: E. platyurus
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 10.3 meters (34 feet)
Weight: 2 tonnes (2.2 short tons)

Basic Information

Category: Aquatic
Diet: Fish, Meat

In-game Stats (Adult, Growth 1.0)

Health: 625
Stamina: 135
Ability: 100
Base Food Capacity: 105
Overweight Food Capacity: 140
Growth Rate: TBD
Weather Resistance: TBD
Can be picked up by a tornado: Yes



The Elasmosaurus is a playable aquatic creature in Beasts of Bermuda. Though it does not possess the high health and damage of the Mosasaurus or the Kronosaurus, it is the fastest swimmer in the game.

It is piscivorous, meaning specializes at eating fish. It can echolocate to reveal their location, as well as snatch them up with ease due to its very high attack range.

But it can always choose to follow a much more aggressive playstyle. It has the ability to choke and drown its opponents in a similarly gruesome fashion to the Mosasaurus, as well being gifted with a surprisingly versatile Talent Tree, which allows it to access many incredible abilities such as invisibility, extreme jumping distance and even partial immunity to beaching, allowing it a flexible gameplay full of surprises.


Pros and Cons


+ Very flexible Talent Tree

+ Grows fast

+ Superb attack range and precision

+ Can echolocate for fish

+ Decent fighter

+ High Speed


- Has naturally low base health and damage

- Can die from beaching



Unique Signature Attribute: The Elasmosaurus has an automatic aiming system, so it will always strike its targets when they are within its attack radius.

  • Secondary Attack: A long-range dash that causes the Elasmosaurus to briefly rocket forwards at incredible speeds, which can be used jump out of the water (though caution is advised doing this near beaches as the Elasmosaurus might hit the ground and become beached). This is very similar to the Mosasaurus' secondary attack.
  • Special Ability: Upon activating, the Elasmosaurus snatches up a creature within its attack range. The Elasmosaurus can only pick up creatures smaller than it. Pressing the primary attack button while holding a creature will cause the Elasmosaurus to thrash its victim around, dealing damage. The Elasmosaurus can continue thrashing for as long as it has ability power, which will consistently decrease as the victim is held. Creatures such as the Velociraptor are small enough to be swallowed whole by executing its secondary attack.

Unique Attribute: The Elasmosaurus can echolocate by using its short call (Default button is 2). It will highlight all nearby fish, making them much easier to spot.



The Elasmosaurus is rather fragile, having relatively low HP for its size. It also starts the game as a very vulnerable creature, and like all aquatic creatures, it can die from beaching itself.

The Elasmosaurus is also susceptible to being preyed upon by the Mosasaurus and the Kronosaurus. However, The Elasmosaurus is faster and has more stamina than the two, allowing it to dodge their attacks and, if needed, defend itself by retaliating back. Nonetheless, the Elasmosaurus is better off escaping, as one bite from a large predator can be an immediate death sentence for it.


Additional Notes

  • It is currently the only creature that as an auto-aim mechanic.
  • The Elasmosaurus of Beasts of Bermuda is incredibly similar to 19th century depictions of Elasmosaurus, having a snake-like neck and able to crawl on land. In reality, its neck was incredibly stiff and it never left the ocean.
  • Creating the Elasmosaurus and transforming it into a practical creature for gameplay was an extremely difficult endeavor, mostly due to the programming for its neck.