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A pair of Elasmosaurus swimming in the open Ocean

Paleo Stats

Species: E. platyurus
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 10.3 meters (34 feet)
Weight: 2 tonnes (2.2 short tons)

Basic Information

Category: Aquatic
Diet: Fish, Meat

In-game Stats (Adult, Growth 1.0)

Health: 625
Stamina: 135
Ability: 100
Comfort: 100
Base Food Capacity: 100
Overweight Food Capacity: 140
Oxygen Capacity: 100
Growth Rate: TBD
Weather Resistance: TBD
Can be picked up by a tornado: No

The Elasmosaurus is an aquatic creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It is a piscivore and primarily roams the ocean, consuming fish. This creature, however, is hardly defenseless and can pose a significant threat to any terrestrial creatures who dare enter the water. Creating the Elasmosaurus and transforming it into a practical creature for gameplay was a difficult endeavor, mostly due to its long neck. A development blog post was created on the topic here. It is currently the only creature to have an auto-aim mechanic with its bite attack and uses a similar mechanic to eat carcasses or grab smaller prey.

The Elasmosaurus' primary attack is a bite. It deals light damage, on par with raptors or other smaller creatures. It can strike swiftly from afar due to its long neck. Its head is vulnerable to damage, so caution on when to bite must be taken if the prey is capable of fighting back. In the absence of more threatening targets, the primary attack will auto-target nearby fish and allow the Elasmosaurus to effortlessly grab them out of the ocean for consumption.

The Elasmosaurus' secondary attack is a grab. It is capable of grabbing smaller creatures right off the shoreline and dragging them down into the water. For particularly small prey such as velociraptors, the Elasmosaurus can consume them whole by executing its secondary attack once again while the prey is in its jaws. If the creature is relatively large such as a Pachycephalosaurus or a Utahraptor, it will thrash just as the Mosasaurus does. Food is granted upon consumption of prey whole.

Abilities: The Elasmosaurus can highlight fish to make easier for consumption. It also has an automatic aiming system, so it will almost always strike its opponents when they are within a certain radius of it.

Other Facts: While it's the weakest aquatic of the three currently in the game, the Elasmosaurus makes up for this weakness in its resourcefulness. Able to catch and eat fish which larger aquatics would be too large and clumsy to catch, the Elasmosaurus is more adept at hunting such prey. It can also grab and drag smaller animals into the water, feeding on their carcasses.

Elasmosaurus is also able to put points into the talent tree to acquire the ability to become invisible. It does not start out with this ability, but is a part of the game that encourages you to invest in talent points.

The Elasmosaurus has fantastic weather resistance, allowing it to completely ignore the negative effects of storms.

However, Elasmosaurus is rather fragile, having relatively low HP for its size.

The relationship between Mosasaurus and Elasmosaurus was one of particular focus. The Elasmosaurus is capable of biting the Mosasaurus while residing safely outside range of the Mosasaurus' grab attack. It is also immune to grabbing on its head and neck, and must be grabbed by the torso. The Elasmosaurus is faster than the Mosasaurus and has more stamina. Two or more Elasmosaurus are a threat to a Mosasaurus typically.