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Beached Debuff.jpg
A beached Mosasaurus

Beaching is a mechanic that all aquatic creatures suffer from. It causes the creature to become incredibly weakened when on land. While beached, turning speed and movement speed are drastically hindered, and comfort decreases at a rapid rate. Beaching generally results in death by comfort loss. Beached creatures are also easy prey for terrestrial predators.

It is very easy to become beached, and very difficult to get back into the water. It is recommended for all aquatic creatures to stay away from shallow shorelines to avoid risk of beaching themselves.

Multiple water and map mechanics make beaching hard to avoid. Some of these include receding tides, dropping water levels after a recent storm, or perhaps a nastily thirsty Apatosaurus who decided to drink your lake dry.

However, there are some talents in the Talent tree that reduce the harshness received from beaching. The talent Beachgoer increases the speed and turn radius of a beached creature, while the talent Sunbather relieves much of the comfort loss experienced when beached.

With 3 points in Sunbather, an aquatic creature can regenerate comfort while beached after a few seconds, preventing death by discomfort. However they must already have lots of comfort to begin with.