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The Talent Tree of Pteranodon

The talent tree is a way players get talents.

The tree is divided into three parts: Speed, survivability, and power, with talents corresponding to each branch.

Talents are gained by getting points, which are earned over time by growing in the life cycle gamemode. Each talent can be upgraded three times with earned points, making the maximum 3/3. Talents from higher tiers require lower tier talents to upgrade.

Talents have a chance of being inherited by offspring when they are nested.

Unique builds can be created using the talent tree. For example, Megalosaurus can be built to become a semi-aquatic fisher. Talent builds can be saved and will appear to the left of the talent tree. They will be color coded depending on type of talents used, and can be named to one's liking. This allows for players to be quick and efficient, not having to remember their favorite builds.

An infinite number of talent builds can be saved per species.