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Acrocanthosaurus Render Offical Remodel.png
Paleo Information
Name Meaning: high-spined lizard
Species: A. atokensis
Time Period: Early Cretaceous
Height: 3.7 meters (12 feet tall)
Length: 11.5 meters (38 feet long)
Weight: 6.2 metric tons (6.8 short tons)
Basic Information
Diet: Meat
Category: Carnivore
Stance: Bipedal
Family: Carcharodontosauridae
In-Game Stats
Health: 1,200
Damage: 255
Stamina: 60
Food Capacity: 100 (130 if fat)
Growth Rate: 267min/4,45h (stats all 50% filled)
Resistance: 0.9 (lower is better)


The Acrocanthosaurus is a large, playable carnivore in Beasts of Bermuda. It's one of the slowest carnivores in the game, only being faster than the semiaquatic Ichthyovenator's terrestrial movement speed. However, it has a decent damage output and bleed, in addition to its ability, to counter it. It also has the highest health and size. The Acrocanthosaurus is a superb ambusher due to its high damage output. It is the carnivore most capable of hunting the huge Apatosaurus and the swift Parasaurolophus.

Its attacks are fairly straightforward, possessing both a forwards-aimed and a downwards-aimed bite as its primary and secondary attack, which both use 12 ability power.

Special Abilities

  • Acrocanthosaurus is able to inflict terrible bleeding wounds on its opponents. Bleeding is a status effect that damages health, comfort, and reduces injury damage and damage the bleeding creature does. This allows the Acrocanthosaurus to engage in persistence hunting, wearing its prey out over long distances while they succumb to blood loss. A skilled Acrocanthosaurus can fell even the largest of creatures, so long as they are not allowed to recuperate.

Other Facts

  • The Acrocanthosaurus is the second strongest carnivore in the EA release, after the Tyrannosaurus. It makes up for the lack of power to Tyrannosaurus with superior stamina, meaning it is able to pursue a wider variety of prey over long distances as well as able to stack bleed on prey.
  • The Acrocanthosaurus is capable of doing a small jump that costs significant stamina. It serves the only purpose of allowing the Acrocanthosaurus to avoid getting stuck on small ledges or rocks in certain areas, granting little other utility, although the jump can be improved through the Powerful Legs.
  • It also has a fast metabolism and must eat regularly to avoid starvation.


  • The Best Trees are Damage And Speed! Survival is good if your a solo Acrocanthosaurus! You can do a mixture of both! You do you!
  • Find a pack! You do more damage a group than a solo! And more agile creatures will have a hard time staying at your tail while also not getting hit by your packmate!
  • As an Acrocanthosaurus you need to play safe, go in and out of the fight whenever you get the chance.

Pros and Cons


  • Acrocanthosaurus has one of the best abilities in the game! Use it to your advanage!
  • Decent speed for a large carnivore of It's size.
  • Deals Bleeding Damage, which makes your enemy not heal for a certain amount of time.
  • Decent turn radius for it's size.


  • Incredibly abusable as a solo Acrocanthosaurus.
  • Weak in 1v1's against other creatures of your size.
  • If no points in Nimble Footed are invested Acrocanthosaurus is very vulnerable to small and agile creatures such as Megalosaurus, who if they manage to get behind, easily stay at it's end and manage to evade any hit's there while slowly killing the Acrocanthosaurus.


  • Acrocanthosaurus received it's remodel along with Kronosaurus in the "Flippers and Fangs" Patch, which got released at the 4th of september 2021.
  • Prior to the game's early access release, there was a very powerful Acrocanthosaurus known as the Demon Acro, which patrolled the temple on several retired maps. It was extremely powerful and guarded the secrets of the temple. It has since been removed from the game.