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Talents are skills that each creature in the game can obtain using Talent Points. Talent Points are obtained over time as the creature grows. A creature spawned from the creature select screen will start at 0.4 growth and have 10 talent points. A creature hatched from an egg will start at 0.1 growth and have no talent points

Chart made by Skudde. Shows the growth levels talent points are given at

Talents come in 3 different branches.

Talent Points are spent in the talent tree. Each talent can be leveled up 3 times. All trees start from the center. Branches cannot level up other talents further out until the previous talent has sufficient points to keep branching out. For example, if you are playing a Megaraptor and want to put 3 points into Stoic, you would first need to put 3 points into Adrenaline. It is also possible to loop back on the talent tree, and instead put 3 points into Strong Lungs, Out of Element, and Persistence to get to Stoic.


Inherits act as extra points in a talent, although they are less effective than a normal point. They can be positive or negative, and they range from -3 to +2. Inherits come in at .45, .6, .8, 1.0, and 1.2 growth. Inherits will stack on top of talent points invested in a talent, letting you get up to 5/3 in one talent.

Creature Creation method Amount of Inherits Explanation
Spawned through Creature Select slot Generally low amount of inherits. Creating a new creature will give you a small amount of inherits in random talents. You cannot get negative inherits on a spawned dino.
Hatching from an egg Depends on the parent’s talents and growth. Also affected by incest and damage the mother took while gestating. Dinos that come from eggs will have inherits based on their parent’s builds and growth. The more points the parents have in a certain talent, the higher chance for an egg to get an inherit in that talent.

If the parents are related or the mother took damage while gestating, the eggs will have a large amount of negative inherits. Damage taken after being laid will not effect the inherits. Normal nesting can also give a few negative inherits.

Reincarnation Depends on trials and build. You can reincarnate any dead dino with growth higher than 0.8 . Trial points are very important for reincarnation. Having more trial points in a particular category (Survival, Speed, Power) increases the chance of getting inherits in that category. If the overall trial scores are above 85%, you can’t get negative inherits. You can check on your current trial points at any shrine, in the creature select screen, or in the character menu.

Negative Inherits

Negative inherits are obtained from Nesting and Reincarnation. They decrease the effect of the talent, and make it impossible to get any special benifits from maxing a talent. Normal nesting and reincarnation will usually only give -1 inherits, but it is possible to get -2 and -3 from incestuous nesting or damaged eggs. -2 and -3 inherits do not decrease the talent effect more than -1, but they make it harder to put enough points in to get rid of the effect.

Talents in relation to Scent

An Ory smells a herd, revealing their builds

A creature will glow brightly when smelled, unless they are crouching. Note that lurdu, para, coah, saichania, apato, and all aquatics/fliers "crouch" won't hide the glow. The color of the glow indicates what talent branches they have invested in.

Creature Color Branches Invested
Red Power
Blue Survival
Green Speed
Yellow Speed & Combat
Light Yellow Mostly Speed, Some Combat
Pink Combat & Survival
White Power, Speed, & Survival

List of Talents

Total Number of Talents: 82
Last Updated: July 15, 2022

The in-game talent descriptions may be misleading or unclear.

How to read the talents:

  1. Find the talent name.
  2. See the talent icon followed by the talent information.
  3. The dinosaur icons show which dinos have the talent.

Acrobat.png Acrobat-info.png


Adernaline.png Adrenaline-info.png

Aerial Ambush

Aerialambush.png Aerialambush-info.png

Aqua Affinity

Aquaaffinity.png Aquaaffinity-info.png



Arboreal.png Arboreal-info.png


Asphyxiation.png Asphyxiation-info.png


Backup.png Backup-info.png


Batter.png Batter-info.png


Beachgoer.png Beachgoer-info.png


Botanist.png Botanist-info.png

Brace for Impact

Braceforimpact.png Braceforimpact-info.png


Brawler.png Brawler-info.png


Bruiser-talent.png Bruiser-info.png

Burrow Master

Burrowmaster.png Burrowmaster-info.png


Clotting.png Clotting-info.png


Constitution.png Constitution-info.png

Deadly Wings

Deadlywings.png Deadlywings-info.png


Earthbreaker.png Earthbreaker-info.png


Elusiveness.png Elusiveness-info.png


Endurance.png Endurance-info.png

Evasive Maneuver

Evasivemaneuver.png Evasivemaneuver-info.png

Exhausting Bite

Exhaustingbite.png Exhaustingbite-info.png

Good Parent

Goodparent.png Goodparent-info.png

Hard Headed

Hardheaded.png Hardheaded-info.png


Healing.png Healing-info.png


Heavy.png Heavy-info.png


Herbalist.png Herbalist-info.png


Identification.png Identification-info.png

Improved Braking

Improvedbraking.png Improvedbraking-info.png

Improved Dart

Improveddart.png Improveddart-info.png

Intimidating Roar

Intimidatingroar.png Intimidation-info.png


Intimidation.png Intimidation-info.png

Keen Senses

Keensenses.png Keensenses-info.png

Long Runner

Longrunner.png Longrunner-info.png

Nest Raider

Originally called Egg Thief Nestraider.png Nestraider-info.png

Nimble Footed

Nimblefooted.png Nimblefooted-info.png

Out of Element

Outofelement.png Outofelement-info.png


Persistence.png Persistence-info.png

Piercing Beak

Piercingbeak.png Piercingbeak-info.png

Powerful Claws

Powerfulclaws.png Powerfulclaws-info.png

Powerful Jaw

Powerfuljaw.png Powerfuljaw-info.png

Powerful Legs

Powerfullegs.png Powerfullegs-info.png

Powerful Lunge

Powerfullunge.png Powerfullunge-info.png

Powerful Neck

Powerfulneck.png Powerfulneck-info.png

Quick Takeoff

Quicktakeoff.png Quicktakeoff-info.png


Reckless.png Reckless-info.png


Refuge.png Refuge-info.png


Resilience.png Resilience-info.png

Rich Blood

Richblood.png Richblood-info.png

Sand Hoarder

Sandhoarder.png Sandhoarder-info.png


Scavenger.png Scavenger-info.png

Serrated Teeth 

Serratedteeth.png Serratedteeth-info.png

Sharp Horns

Sharphorns.png Sharphorns-info.png

Sharp Spikes

Sharpspikes.png Sharpspikes-info.png

Sharp Teeth

Sharpteeth.png Sharpteeth-info.png


Shelterer.png Shelterer-info.png


Slippery Slippery-info.png


Sneaky.png Sneaky-info.png


Steadfast.png Steadfast-info.png

Stress Resistance

Stressresistance.png Stressresistance-info.png


Stoic.png Stoic-info.png

Strong Bond

Strongbond.png Strongbond-info.png

Strong Bones

Strongbones.png Strongbones-info.png

Strong Legs

Stronglegs.png Stronglegs-info.png

Strong Lungs

Stronglungs.png Stronglungs-info.png

Strong Wings

Strongwings.png Strongwings-info.png


Sturdy-icon.png Sturdy-info.png


Sunbather.png Persistence-info.png


Surefooted.png Surefooted-info.png

Swift Claws

Swiftclaws.png Swiftclaws-info.png

Swift Flippered

Swiftflippered.png Swiftflippered-info.png

Swift Wings

Swiftwings.png Swiftwings-info.png


Swiftness.png Swiftness-info.png

Thick Hide

Thickhide.png Thickhide-info.png

Thick Skull

Thickskull.png Thickskull-info.png

Tough Stomach

Toughstomach.png Touchstomach-info.png

Turn While Stomping

Turnwhilestomping.png Turnwhilestomping-info.png


Unbreakable.png Unbreakable-info.png


Vigilance.png Vigilance-info.png

Weather Resistance

Weatherresistance.png Weatherresistance-info.png

Wing Tear

Wingtear.png Wingtear-info.png


Whipcrack Whipcrack-info.png