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Oryctodromeus Species: O. cubicularis
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 2.1 meters (6.9 feet)
Weight: 33 kilograms (71 pounds)
Category: Herbivore
Diet: Plants
An Oryctodromeus colony.

The Oryctodromeus is currently the smallest herbivore confirmed for the game. The money for Oryctodromeus was donated by Mexy. The small animals are virtually defenseless to any of the predators in the game and rely on fleeing and hiding in burrows which they dig. These burrows are able to be expanded and connected by the individuals in a colony, creating a tunnel system below ground with which they can safely move.

Each individual Oryctodromeus will be able to dig two exit holes, allowing for a series of bolt holes to which the colony can flee, moving underground to exit someplace else away from whatever was threatening them. Smaller animals, such as juvenile dinosaurs and the Velociraptor are able to enter these burrows, however, making the Velociraptor the main predator of the Oryctodromeus by being able to flush them out wherever they may try to hide.

Burrows must be maintained by a colony to prevent them collapsing, meaning only Oryctodromeus can utilize their burrows as long term shelter from weather and predators.

Unique Ability: The Oryctodromeus is able to dig burrows.

Other Facts: By digging burrows, the Oryctodromeus is able to avoid being eaten by large predators. Large numbers of Oryctodromeus can eat, breed, and raise young inside an interconnected series of burrows. They are even flood and tornado proof and allow the Oryctodromeus to access areas other animals cannot.

Oryctodromeus will also have an option between being feathered or scaly.