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In Beasts of Bermuda, your creature can get a Status Effect, which can be viewed by opening the character tab (default key “O”), and hovering your mouse over the square icons that are shown above your creature. Each Status Effect has its own unique icon for easy identification. Status Effects are buffs and/or debuffs that affect your creature based on environmental factors.

Below is a list of all in-game Status Effects and their descriptions, directly quoted from the game.


  • You have recently been in a thrilling fight. Enemyships do not apply additional, negative comfort for this time.

Alarm Call

  • You have been spotted by a nearby herd. They are very aware of your presence.


  • You are beached! Head back to the water before you die.
  • You are very slow and vulnerable on the beach, and your comfort has significantly dropped.


  • Bleed heals more rapidly if sitting or resting.
  • While moving, bleed will slowly worsen. Stand still to recover from bleed.


  • This cramped place makes it hard to hunt. You deal less damage than normal.


  • You are dehydrated, and are dying of thirst.
  • Find some freshwater to drink. The Ocean is not drinkable.

Enhanced Growth

  • Given the direness of the weather, you feel less stressed from other, nearby creatures.

Food Poisoning

  • A recent meal had spoiled, and you are suffering from food poisoning.
  • To sniff out spoiled meat, use your scent. Red smelling carcasses are fresh. Yellow and green ones have gone rancid.

Full Group

  • Your group size exceeds that of this server’s limits, causing a severe comfort drop.


Healthy Herbs

  • You have been eating quite healthy! The herbs you have eaten recently have boosted your comfort.
  • This effect decays over time, but can become quite powerful if you continue eating more herbs.

High Water Pressure

  • Head to shallower water to alleviate this stress.
  • Larger creatures are capable of going deeper in the water. Growing a bit will also help.


  • Injury is dealt from fall damage or from heavy hits from other creatures.


  • The presence of nearby, potentially hostile creatures stresses you out.
  • If exposed to this stress for a prolonged period of time, you will die.
  • Carnivores not in your group will stress you out. Larger ones are more stressful than tiny ones.
  • To alleviate this stress, move away from carnivorous players.

Intimidating Roar

  • You have been intimidated by a terrifying roar. It has reduced your damage output.

Near Children

  • Being near your hatchlings makes you happy. You grow more quickly than normal.

On the Isla Titania map, this buff grants a 50% increase in growth rate. It grants a 20% increase on all other maps. Offspring grant this effect up to 0.8 growth.

Near Friends


  • Distance yourself from nearby carcasses to remove this effect.

On Fire

  • Coming into contact with fires will apply this debuff for 10 seconds. While on fire, you take periodic damage.
  • Entering water alleviates this condition.

Out Of Air

  • You are out of air. Return to the surface and press the Use key to breathe!

Out Of Map Bounds

  • You are out of bounds! While out of bounds, you take significant damage.


  • There are too many creatures of your type on the map.
  • While there are too many creatures of your type, your growth rate is substantially reduced.
  • To remove this debuff, other players of your creature type must die, log off, or there must be more players of other types online.


  • You are carrying eggs.
  • Until you lay your eggs, your food and water levels drop more rapidly.
  • Your comfort is reduced as well. More eggs increase these effects.



Resting is applied at sunset and removed at sunrise. It reduces food and water drain rates. The effects are more pronounced at larger growths. This condition's icon only shows up if you open the character UI.



Creatures receive this status effect after spending 30 minutes inside a shelter. This status overrides the Near Friends status. Velociraptors, Oryctodromeus, and all creatures below 0.7 growth ignore this mechanic.

Sand Attack

  • You have sand in your eyes. It is very hard to see, run, and jump.


  • You have eaten well recently, and are enjoying a full belly.


  • Something about this particular area makes you happy. Your comfort is higher here.



The status conditions Food Poisoning, Water Poisoning, Restlessness, and any dietary deficiency can cause creatures to become sick. Creatures have a chance to become sick when drinking from dirty water, eating rancid carcasses, or plants that give negative comfort bias. Creatures at larger growths are significantly more likely to get sick from the above sources. Sickness also lasts significantly larger at larger growths. Players below 1.2 growth cannot get sick.

Spiky Shield

  • You reflect most incoming damage back at your attacker.

Stale Air

  • You are too far from a burrow exit, and the air is getting stale.
  • The stale air makes this place very uncomfortable.


  • You are starving. Find some food or you will wither away.
  • If a carnivore, only carcasses will suffice. Use your scent to sniff for any nearby carcasses.

Stressful Scene

  • Something about the scene stresses you. Moving away will alleviate this condition.

Strong Bond

  • You and your mate are close to one another.
  • You receive a large boost to your Health, Stamina, and Ability Power.


  • Being close to very significant amounts of fire, smoke, and ash will apply this debuff.
  • This debuff starts your breath bar timer, as if you were drowning.
  • Moving away will alleviate this condition.


  • The deep ocean stresses you out.
  • In order to alleviate the stress, head to shore!

The Elements

  • The wind, rain, and elements are stressing you.

Thin Air

  • The air up here is very thin, making it hard to breathe.
  • Up this high, you take damage and incur a substantial comfort drop.

Well Fed

  • You are well fed, and have gained some weight!
  • You move slower and lose stamina faster.
  • You have more HP and heal faster!