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Thirst is represented by the fullness of a water drop, in the UI

Thirst is a resource that must be tended to for survival in Beasts of Bermuda. In the UI, it is represented by a water droplet in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the globe is full, a player has fully quenched their thirst. Thirst is quenched by finding a source of freshwater, looking down at the lake, and holding the use key. While holding the use key, a player will see their thirst gradually fill, taking 40 seconds to fully quench their thirst from a state of complete dehydration. While drinking, a player cannot move, but they can stop drinking at any time to flee or fight other aggressive players or AI (not yet implemented). If a player's thirst becomes completely empty, they will lose 10% of their HP every 5 seconds until they perish from dehydration. Thirst gradually declines over time, following a mathematical function with both linear and exponential decay terms. A player who has fully quenched their thirst will lose thirst more rapidly than a player who is almost completely dehydrated.

Thirst drops quite rapidly in Beasts of Bermuda for most terrestrial creatures. Aquatic creatures do not need to drink, and instead must manage their breath. Most creatures can last fifteen minutes without drinking before entering a state of dehydration, but the Apatosaurus can last significantly longer between drinks. Due to the constant need for most creatures to drink water, sources of freshwater can be dangerous as they are frequently visited and camped by predators.

Keeping thirst fully quenched is a way players can receive many health benefits at the cost of more rapid resource consumption, as sources of freshwater are often limited and finite.

  • Having a well-maintained state of hydration will tremendously improve the rate at which a creature recovers lost HP. A state of near dehydration will cause a creature's HP to decay over time rather than heal.
  • Keeping thirst quenched increases the rate at which a player's stamina recharges by 15%, whereas being at or near a state of dehydration will cause a player's stamina to recharge 15% slower.
  • Keeping thirst quenched increases the rate at which a player's ability power recharges by 15%, whereas being at or near a state of dehydration will cause a player's ability power to recharge 15% slower.
  • A well hydrated creature will more rapidly heal from injuries.
A mostly satiated water icon.

water quality and satiation

In beasts of bermuda, water has a satiation mechanic like food and huner. Clean water will give your dino satiation, which stops your water from draining, exactly the same as how food satiation works. This is seen as a cyan tinted cover over the water icon, also similar to food.

Drinking clean water is important to your dinosaurs quality of life. Dirty water wil drain water satiation and make you sick, this rapidly decreases comfort. The quality of a water source is determined by how many people have drank from them and how recently it was filled up by the rain. If a group of players stay by a water source too long it will become dirty from too many people drinking from it.

If a water source is clean, the message: "this water source is pristine and clear!" will come up on your screen. However if it is dirty, the message: "this water source is absolutely disgusting!" will come up.