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In order to change keybinds, a player can visit the options menu and go to controls, which is found either on the Main Menu or by pressing Escape during regular gameplay.

The reset button will reset the keybinds to default values. These values are fully customizable.

The default keybinds and gameplay settings.
The rest of the keybinds.

The use keybind depends on the players preferences, and can be edited in the settings.

The use key allows one to eat and drink. Double tapping the use key allows one to carry objects.

There are two keybinds for both crouch and jump. This allows more comfortable options to players who may want to use two of each of these keybinds. It is not necessary to keybind both of these for regular play.

The game does support controller play, and these keybinds work properly with a controller as well as with a keyboard, or even with a mouse with additional buttons.

A player is also able to, if using a controller, adjust the x and y axis sensitivities or invert the Y axis if they wish to do so.