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Most animals in Beasts of Bermuda possess the capability to jump, though some are much more capable than others at doing so.

In general, the larger the animal, the less capable it is at jumping. Small animals such as the Velociraptor are profoundly adept at jumping and are able to do so to great heights and for relatively little stamina cost. On the other side of the spectrum are creatures such as the Acrocanthosaurus or the Parasaurolophus, which can jump, but only a short distance and for a significant stamina cost. Apatosaurus cannot jump at all.

The Velociraptor is capable of grabbing ledges, walls, rocks, trees, or cliff faces while it is jumping by holding the use keybind. Once grabbed, it is able to climb up them.

While jumping, players must be wary of fall damage.

A Utahraptor jumping.