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Paleo Stats

Species: U. ostrommayosorum
Time Period: Cretaceous
Length: 5.7 meters (19 feet)
Weight: 500 kilograms (1100 pounds)

Basic Information

Category: Carnivore
Diet: Meat

In-game Stats (Adult, Growth 1.0)

Health: 300
Stamina: 120
Ability: 150
Comfort: 100
Base Food Capacity: 100
Overweight Food Capacity: 130
Water Capacity: 100
Oxygen Capacity: 100
Growth Rate: TBD
Weather Resistance: TBD
Can be picked up by a tornado: Yes

The Utahraptor is a very large member of Dromaeosauridae and is a playable creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It is a rather slow predator, being only a little faster than the Acrocanthosaurus. It has a rather low health pool and weight, given it isn't very large in comparison to many other theropods such as Acrocanthosaurus and Megalosaurus. The creature, however, has a very significantly enlarged ability power pool, having been granted 150 rather than the typical 100. It also has an enlarged stamina pool, 120 rather than the rather standard 100. It has a high metabolism and must eat frequently to thwart off starvation just as the Velociraptor must.

The Utahraptor's primary attack is an attack that uses its jaw and claws to slash and bite at its prey. It deals moderate damage to prey of any size and can use this attack quickly and in rapid succession many times before exhausting its large pool of ability power.

The Utahraptor has a pounce that behaves very differently than that of the Velociraptor for its secondary attack. This pounce is only capable of latching onto the Apatosaurus, but serves a much more significant primary purpose. The Utahraptor can pounce while moving and does not need to coil to charge up its leap. It does so instantaneously. The angle of launch, however, is mostly fixed at 25 degrees, only moving to a modest 32 degrees if the player aims the camera upwards. The key role of the Utahraptor pounce is combat mobility, allowing it to leap into the fray or away from danger on a moment's notice. This differs starkly from the Velociraptor's pounce, which is used primarily to leap onto unsuspecting prey. This pounce consumes moderate amounts of stamina, so spamming it is often a poor idea. While latched onto an Apatosaurus, the Utahraptor loses the power ability over time. Given its large ability power pool, it can stay latched to an Apatosaurus for a significant period of time. It is also capable of latching onto beached Mosasaurs.

Unique Abilities: The Utahraptor retains all the lethality of its smaller relatives in a much bigger package. Fast, agile and huge, a coordinated pack can bring down even the largest of creatures. Their powerful legs and huge, sickle-like claws can be used to cling on to the side of prey and inflict devastating wounds. Utahraptor, however, do not like getting their feathers wet and must take shelter during bad weather.

Other Facts: The Utahraptor has no weather resistance, and must take shelter from storms in order to survive.

The Utahraptor has a decently high jump, being able to climb up into areas most larger terrestrial creatures cannot reach.

The Utahraptor will have Crest/No Crest variants in the future.