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Aquatic Creatures are one of the four available creature types in Beasts of Bermuda. They solely inhabit aquatic environments such as the ocean, and exhibit high breath times and incredible weather resistance. They differ from semi-aquatic creatures in the sense that they are restricted to water and are almost crippled on land, as well as having their own unique breath mechanic called air.

Aquatic creatures do not need to drink, and do not rest either.


Playable Aquatic Creatures

Currently, there are three playable aquatic creatures, all of which are carnivorous:

  • Elasmosaurus: A nimble fish-eater that uses its speed to traverse the ocean quickly
  • Mosasaurus: A large predator that specialises at grabbing and drowning its prey
  • Kronosaurus: The most powerful carnivore in the game, though it is rather slow



Unlike most creatures, aquatic creatures do not use the regular breath mechanic. Instead, they have a unique mechanic called air.

Air lasts significantly longer than regular breath times, allowing aquatic creatures to stay submerged for many minutes at a time. High quantities of air significantly heighten the regeneration of health, ability power, stamina and injuries, while little air significantly decreases said regeneration. No air will result in the death of the creature. Actions involving the use of Stamina and / or ability power may deplete a small portion of air.

Breathing is performed by surfacing and activating the Consume Keybind ('E' default). Not pressing the Keybind will not cause the creature to breathe, and stay silent, which is helpful in certain stealthy scenarios.


Map Gameplay

Maps often contain areas where only aquatic creatures can freely enter. Many lakes contain caves that link to larger bodies of water where aquatic creatures often spawn. During high tide, aquatic creatures can swim up to the shoreline and make close contact with terrestrial creatures. However, during [[Tidal System|low tide], most of the ocean is significantly reduced, which can hinder available space for aquatic creatures. Storm surges are extremely beneficial to aquatic creatures, as heavy rainfall can drastically increase tide level, flooding entire forests that can be swam through.