Weather Resistance

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Weather is a survival element players must combat. In particular, storms can pose a significant and adverse threat that can heavily dictate player behavior and survival. Some creatures are influenced more-so than others by stormy weather.

Weather Resistance mitigates against two elements of stormy weather. The first is comfort loss via exposure. Storms drop comfort. The rainier and windier the storm, the more significant the drop in comfort a player's creature will experience. Weather Resistance is a scalar multiple on comfort drop from rain and wind. For example, an Apatosaurus will lose half the comfort a Velociraptor will due to its Weather Resistance stat being 0.5, rather than 1.0 for Velociraptor. The second influence Weather Resistance plays in mitigating a storm's negative effects is lightning mitigation. A lower weather resistance stat will grant players a decreased chance to be struck by lightning.

The following creatures have the following weather resistance stats. Remember, lower is better.

Aquatic animals have a significantly low Weather Resistance stat, meaning they are almost immune to adverse weather. In general, herbivores will be more adept at weathering through a storm than carnivores, and sport better Weather Resistance stats.

Players taking shelter in caves, or other sheltered areas will be immune to the negative effects of stormy weather and lightning strikes.

Players in close proximity to a friendly Apatosaurus will be granted Weather Resistance. Being in close proximity grants Weather Resistance equal to that of the Apatosaurus.