Herbivorous Creatures

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A Herd of Parasaurolophus resting for the night.
An Apatosaurus on a hill

Herbivorous creatures rely solely on consuming plants for food. They are unable to consume fish or meat. Beasts of Bermuda currently has the following playable, herbivorous creatures:

The following herbivorous creatures are confirmed, but not yet implemented:

Different herbivores are capable of consuming different kinds of plants. Typically size is the differentiating factor that determines what plants a herbivorous creature is capable of eating. Each creature has a stat, their foliage class, which determines, among other things, what plants a herbivore is capable of eating. Larger creatures are capable of eating larger plants than smaller ones, but, in turn, larger creatures also receive significantly less food value from smaller plants than smaller herbivores. For this reason, it may be not worth the effort for a very large creature such as the Apatosaurus to consume grass or small bushes a Pachycephalosaurus might find enticing. Only the Apatosaurus is capable of eating very large plants such as large, woody trees.

Herbivores often harbor more beneficial weather resistance than other terrestrial creatures, allowing easier weathering of storms than carnivores. The Apatosaurus in particular is most suited to toughing through bad weather due to its slowness and inability to access many caves. It also provides weather resistance to nearby herd members.

Herbivores are able to group across species with one another and form herds, whereas other creatures are only able to group with their own kind. This grouping system encourages cooperative play when players are herbivores, rather than competitive play for predatory creatures. Players seeking a highly social experience would likely enjoy playing herbivores. Many herbivores have cooperative abilities rather than more self-oriented abilities. Examples of this are the Apatosaurus providing weather resistance towards other nearby herd members, and the Parasaurolophus alarm call.

While other creatures are stressed by the presence of different species, herbivores grant comfort towards one another when in close proximity regardless of being same or different species. They are also capable of forming cross-species friendships, which is unique only to herbivores. The Apatosaurus grants significant comfort to other nearby herd members.

Herbivores gain points from exploring and drinking from new water sources. Other creatures gain no point benefit from finding and drinking from new sources of water on the map.

Herbivores do not gain any points from killing other creatures.