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Size matters in many scenarios.

Current sizes of several in-game, playable creatures are given here:

Size Directly Influences these Mechanics

The following mechanics are directly related to size, as they use the size stat directly in the game's code.

The size of a creature determines how large of a Carcass it will drop upon death. Larger creatures generate larger carcasses, and thus provide more food.

Size determines strength of knockback. The larger one creature is in relation to the other, the harder the knockback force. Overeating can also influence this mechanic as well.

Size determines what is pounceable by creatures with pouncing mechanics such as Utahraptor and Velociraptor.

Size determines what is grabbable by creatures with grabbing mechanics such as Elasmosaurus and Mosasaurus.

Size is part of what determines how many points a player will receive for successfully hunting another player.

Size influences how fast a player drains bodies of freshwater when they are drinking. Larger creatures drain these bodies of water more rapidly while quenching their thirst.

Size influences how fast a player will drain carcasses when consuming them, if playing a carnivore. Larger creatures consume more of a carcass to gain the same amount of food.

Size influences how much food a player will be granted while consuming foliage, if playing a herbivore. Larger creatures are granted less food for any given plant.

Size influences how long a player can hold their breath, with larger creatures being granted a longer breath timer.

Size often Correlates with these Mechanics

While not directly influencing these mechanics, often size correlates with other mechanics such as these:

Larger creatures with a higher size stat almost always have a higher foliage grade, which determines what foliage on the map is able to be eaten or trampled by that creature.

Larger creatures with a higher size stat are more likely to have slower metabolisms, requiring food less often.

Smaller creatures often are more forgiving of falls.

Smaller creatures are often more forgiving of tripping.