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Currently, the Velociraptor and Utahraptor are capable of pouncing. The way in which the pounce, however, is quite different.


The Utahraptor can initiate its pounce while moving, whereas the Velociraptor cannot. The Velociraptor can latch onto most larger animals, being capable of latching onto the Ichthyovenator, the Megalosaurus, and anything larger than these. The Utahraptor, however, cannot latch onto most creatures, only being capable of latching onto a beached Mosasaurus or an Apatosaurus. The reasoning behind this decision was mostly founded on gameplay balance and cosmetics, where the Utahraptor was simply too large to latch to these.

In order to use the Velociraptor's pounce, the player must be standing still. While stationary, holding the secondary attack (default is Right Mouse Button) will cause the Velociraptor to begin coiling a leap. It takes one second to fully charge the leap. A longer time will allow the player to leap further, and aiming the camera up or down will alter the trajectory of the leap. Be wary of charging too long, however, as it rapidly drains stamina to do so. When released, the Velociraptor will leap very far and automatically begin scanning for targets to latch onto. If it detects anything it is capable of latching to, it will automatically grab hold. While latched, it will begin consuming ability power. When ability power is fully drained, the raptor will fall off automatically. If the Velociraptor comes into contact with water, trees, rocks, or walls while latched, it will automatically fall off. While latched, the Velociraptor can utilize its primary attack to bite its prey. To detach, a player can press jump, either the forwards or backwards movement keys, or the Secondary Attack key again (right mouse button). Leaping takes a significant amount of stamina for the Velociraptor.

Utahraptor's pounce, when latched onto Mosasaurus or Apatosaurus, works identically in functionality to that of the Velociraptor. Under most circumstances, however, the utahraptor will be using its pounce for a different purpose than for the Velociraptor. The Utahraptor does not need to charge its pounce like the Velociraptor, and can leap significant distances while on the move. This allows significant combat mobility for the Utahraptor during a hunt, as seen in this video. The Utahraptor pounce uses a moderate amount of stamina, so if a player uses it too frequently, they will be very vulnerable in running out of stamina.