Weight Gain

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A comparison of normal (left) and overweight (right) Megalosaurus.

When a creature continues eating while it has filled up on food, it will begin to gain weight. Most creatures can gain weight until their food has filled 30% beyond their full value. This is represented graphically by a widening of the dinosaur model, such that it appears to have gained weight. A development blog post was created on the topic of overeating here. Being in a state of overweightness influences the creature's behavior and stats in many ways:

  • Overweight creatures regenerate stamina more slowly.
  • Overweight creatures deplete stamina more rapidly.
  • Overweight creatures move slower.
  • Overweight creatures move slower up hills than creatures with a regular weight.
  • Overweight creatures lose a slight amount of comfort.
  • Overweight creatures heal faster.
  • While being overweight does not grant more points than being in a state of perfect fullness, it does guarantee a player will remain at full food value for the duration of overweightness, thus ensuring a player will be awarded maximum points during this entire duration.
  • Overweight creatures knockback other creatures with more force than their normal weight counterparts.
  • Overweight creatures receive less knockback force than their normal weight counterparts.
  • Overweight creatures are not able to jump or leap as high.
  • Overweight creatures are less susceptible to injury damage.
  • Overweight creatures heal injury damage faster.
  • Overweight creatures lose less comfort during storms.