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Grabbing is a mechanic used to pick up objects or player creatures, and is mostly utilized by aquatic and flying creatures, such as the mosasaurus and tropeognathus. Grabbing is initiated by tapping the interaction key twice but for some creatures, mainly the aquatics, it can also be done with the ability key (Z for default). While grabbed, the prey cannot move around, but may still fight back with attacks.

Mosasaur grabbing a Megalosaurus

Grabbing costs a moderate amount of ability power at the time of the grab. This is to prevent spamming of the attack with subsequent releases. A player cannot grab prey if they have insufficient ability power. While grabbing another player, the grabbing player will lose ability power over time. When the player has exhausted their ability power, they will automatically release their prey. The larger the prey is, the more ability power it takes to hold it. If too large in comparison to the grabbing creature, it cannot be picked up.

After being grabbed, players go on diminishing returns for all grabs for 30 seconds. If grabbed again during this diminishing returns timer, the ability tick size for the grabbed player is increased by 25%. If grabbed again once more, the ability tick size for the grabbing player is then further increased by another 25%. Players become immune to being grabbed for 30 seconds after being grabbed 5 times in a row. Friendly grabs (party members / related creatures) do not apply grab diminishing returns.

A player can release their prey by pressing the interaction key while they have prey in their jaws.