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Grabbing is a mechanic frequently used by aquatic creatures such as the Mosasaurus to grab prey into their jaws, often initiated by pressing Secondary Attack while the jaw is in close proximity to their target. While grabbed, a player cannot control their character and is at the mercy of the grabbing player. It is highly likely that future creatures added to the game will also have grabs, particularly the Tyrannosaurus rex and Pteranodon.

Mosasaur grabbing a Megalosaurus

Grabbing costs a moderate amount of ability power upfront at the time of the grab. This is to prevent spamming of the attack with subsequent releases. A player cannot grab prey if they have insufficient ability power. While grabbing another player, the grabbing player will lose ability power over time. When the player has exhausted their ability power, they will automatically release their prey.

A grabbing player can either thrash their prey or consume it whole by pressing Primary Attack. Smaller prey will be consumed whole, whereas larger prey will be thrashed for significant damage. Thrashing and consuming prey costs no additional ability power.

A player can release their prey by pressing Secondary Attack while they have prey in their jaw.

The Elasmosaurus is capable of grabbing small prey such as the Velociraptor and Utahraptor. Its neck and head will seek prey to grab just as it seeks fish.

The Mosasaurus is capable of grabbing any prey besides other Mosasaurus and the Apatosaurus.

The Elasmosaurus vs Mosasaurus fight has been tuned around the grabbing mechanic. A Mosasaurus who is full on ability power will be able to just barely kill an Elasmosaurus in one grab / thrash combo. A Mosasaurus who is low on ability power will not be able to kill a grabbed Elasmosaurus before exhausting their ability power and releasing the Elasmosaurus.

Grabs do not work on creature's tails, nor do they work when attempting to grab the head of an Elasmosaurus. They require the player to grab at the torso, head, neck, or limbs.