Foliage System

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Most foliage placed around the islands are edible by herbivores.

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Foliage Grade

Foliage can come in six different grades, or tiers.

  • Grade 0 foliage represents small grasses and very tiny plants. Anything can destroy or consume this foliage, and it often grants very little food.
  • Grade 1 foliage represents most small, leafy plants. It is consumable or destroyable by mostly anything.
  • Grade 2 foliage is often classified as small bushes or somewhat medium-sized, leafy plants.
  • Grade 3 foliage represents mid-sized, woody bushes and occasionally very small, young, woody trees. This foliage typically respawns in 30 minutes. It will feed mid-sized herbivores, none of which are currently in-game.
  • Grade 4 foliage is often represented by large, woody bushes and smaller trees. Some extremely large, leafy plants are also grade 4 foliage. This type of foliage is quite large, and often feeds the Parasaurolophus well. Nothing smaller can destroy or consume this foliage. It often has respawn timers anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Usually this foliage will collapse into the ground when consumed.
  • Grade 5 foliage will be most large, woody trees. These are only edible or destructible by the Apatosaurus. It typically respawns in 60 minutes. Some large, woody plants will fall when consumed. Others will lose their leaves, leaving behind a woody, leafless tree until respawn.
  • Grade 6 foliage is indestructible. Extremely large trees that may lie as the focal points of certain areas may be foliage grade 6.

A creature's size often correlates with what kind of foliage it is capable of both consuming and trampling.