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A Carcass

Carcasses are the primary source of food for carnivorous creatures. Whenever a player or an AI creature dies, it will drop a carcass where it last was before its death. The only creatures that do not drop a carcass upon death are fish. In order to eat a carcass, a player must be near it, point their camera at the carcass, and hold the use key. The carcass, as its eaten, will gradually flatten in size until it is exhausted. A player can tell how old a carcass is by how green it is, and how much food is left. As a carcass ages, it rots. While eating the carcass, the player's creature plays a continuous eating animation. Larger creatures consume carcasses faster. Carcasses can also be carried, or chunks of meat can be ripped off and taken away.

Carcasses come in a wide variety of sizes, dependent entirely upon the size of the creature that created the carcass. Larger creatures create larger carcasses, in direct proportion to their size stat. Carcasses decay at a rate of 3% per minute, lasting about 33 minutes in total before disappearing entirely.

Carcasses that are spawned underwater are consumable by aquatic creatures. Terrestrial creatures, however, will not be able to access them unless the waterline recedes due to tides, receding storm surges, or drinking of a potentially blocking freshwater body.

Carcasses give off a yellowish-red odor when smelling.

Over time, carcasses become rotten and inedible, unless a dinosaur has a talent to eat rotten food. The bones also go from blood red to bleach white. Bones stay forever, unless there is a server restart, so massive boneyards can develop over time.

A carnivore can pick up a carcass by double tapping the use key.

There is an administrator console command to remove all carcasses of the map should players wish to brawl it out and easily clean up their mess afterwards without a server restart. This command is: