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A Carcass

Carcasses are the primary source of food for carnivorous creatures. When a player dies, a carcass will drop in their last location after the creature's death animation plays. All creatures leave a carcass upon death, except fish. Carcasses may also spawn randomly, whether on land or in the ocean. The difference between player carcasses and spawned carcasses are that player carcasses offer satiation, while spawned carcasses do not. In order to eat a carcass, a player must be near it, point their camera at the carcass, and hold the use key. As a carcass is eaten, the flesh will begin to disappear and show more bone, leaving blood red bones when all of the flesh is gone. Over time the bones will turn bleach white.

Carcasses can be carried, only by carnivores, by double tapping the use key. Depending on the size of the creature, a player can carry the entire carcass or only chunks of meat from the carcass. The talent Stoic can help players pick up heavier carcasses or larger chunks of meat. Carcasses come in a wide variety of sizes, dependent entirely upon the size of the creature that created the carcass. For example, larger creatures create larger carcasses, in direct proportion to their size stat.

Carcasses decay at a rate of 3% per minute, lasting about 33 minutes in total before disappearing entirely. A player can determine the freshness of a carcass by its appearance and scent. At its freshest, the flesh will be blood red, but as the meat spoils, it dulls in color until it appears rotten. The scent also reflects this by turning from a red scent to a yellow-green scent. Another indicator is the sound of flies around a spoiling carcass. The player can suffer from the loss of comfort bias by eating old meat. The effect is more extreme dependent on how old the carcass is and a creature may also risk suffering from food poisoning. However, having the Scavenger talent can help negate this effect.

Bones from carcasses stay forever, unless there is a server restart, so many bones may accumulate over time. There is also an administrator console command to remove all carcasses on the map to easily clean up without a server restart. This command is: