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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. They are programmed to move on their own without being controlled by a player. The AI critters primarily function as food sources for carnivores and piscivores to hunt. Additional AI may be added in the future.

On the Isla Titania map, each of the AI critters can be possessed by interacting with secret shrines. Critters are randomly assigned a skin upon spawning in and have the ability to grow and access talent trees like the main creatures. Playable critters do not save and will disappear once the player logs out or dies. They also cannot be resurrected or reincarnated.

List of AI currently in Beasts of Bermuda:

Although they are not critters, Tornados count as AI. Once spawned, the tornado is programmed to track down the nearest terrestrial creature. If the tracked creature dies, swims underwater, flies away, or rests under 100% shelter, the tornado will abandon the target and seek the next closest terrestrial creature.


  • AI Raptors once patrolled the beaches of certain maps and attacked players within a certain range. They can no longer be found on any map today.