Piscivorous Creatures

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Not to be confused with semi-aquatic creatures.

What is a Piscivore?

A piscivore is a branch of carnivorous creatures that specialize in eating and hunting fish. In Beasts of Bermuda, piscivores can usually be identified if they fit the following criteria:

  1. Do not lose comfort from eating fish
  2. Do not lose comfort from swimming in the ocean
  3. Are better at moving around in the water than other carnivores similar to them

If a creature is not specifically designated as a piscivore, it will lose comfort every time it eats a fish or swims in the ocean. The only way for a normal creature to combat these debuffs is to invest their talent points into the scavenger talent and the Swim Speed talent (though Swim Speed will only mostly negate the effect)

Piscivores are able to eat normal meat if the need arises.

Piscivores in the Game

Beasts of Bermuda currently has three piscivorous creatures in the game. These are:

  • Elasmosaurus (Currently unplayable until its model is updated)(Listed under the Aquatics tab)
  • Ichthyovenator (Listed under the Carnivores tab)
  • Pteranodon (Listed under the Flyers tab)

The following piscivores are confirmed for addition to Beasts of Bermuda and will be added in the future:

For a complete list of all likely and discussed creatures, please see this page.

The old Elasmosaurus model attempting to eat some fish.


  • A piscivore is provided with twice the food value from eating fish that a non piscivore would be granted from consuming the fish.
  • Piscivores are able to highlight fish by using their scent key.
  • Piscivores are mechanically adapted to catching fish more easily. The Ichthyovenator has a dart attack, the Pteranodon slows down in water so it can swim towards fish with more precision, and The Elasmosaurus (especially) is profoundly adept at catching fish, as its long neck and head will seek out and grab any nearby fish automatically if the player initiates by pressing Primary Attack. A development blog post was created on this topic here.
  • For every two hunger gained from eating fish as a non-piscivore, the player will lose one comfort bias. This is currently the only method a player has of dropping their comfort bias.
  • Non-piscivorous creatures are often very poor at catching fish. They can do so by swimming down to where fish are and attempting to bite the fish. It is deliberately a very non-ideal means of obtaining food for non piscivores.
A flock of fishing Pteranodon.