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Paleo Information
Name Meaning: Keel Jaw
Species: Tropeognathus mesembrinus
Time Period: Cretaceous Period
Height: 5-7ft
Length: 23-27ft
Weight: TBA
Basic Information
Diet: Fish
Category: Flyer
Stance: Quadrupedal
Family: Anhangueridae
In-Game Stats
Health: TBA
Damage: TBA
Speed: Fastest Flyer
Flight Speed: Fastest Flyer
Stamina: TBA
Food Capacity: 130
Growth Rate: 2hrs (full food and water)
Resistance: 0.61 (lower is better)


The Tropeognathus is a playable pterosaur in Beasts of Bermuda. Though a flyer, the Tropeognathus is a resilient creature, capable of flying through storms without much difficulty and even boasting a surprising amount of health for its size, able to survive a few heavy hits. Using this bulk, it can easily slay the island's smaller creatures, such as the Oryctodromeus and Velociraptor, as well as injure larger creatures with a bone-breaking wingbeat attack. it is also known to not have udders.

Tropeognathus Mechanics

Wing Beat

  • To use Wing Beat, press the ability key while facing another player (it can’t hit behind you)
  • It can be used while in flight, or while on the ground.
  • If it hits another player, both you and them will be knocked back. It deals significant injury and moderate damage to the hit player.
  • Successive uses of Wing Beat now apply a “cool-down” on the creature hit by it, reducing the damage, injury damage and knockback dealt to it, this “cool-down” stacks and goes away with time.
  • It is improved by the Deadly Wings and Swift Wings talent.

Master of the Skies

  • Very high base Weather Resistance.

Unique Talents

Strong Bond

  • This talent is only in the Tropeognathus tree, as a survival Tier 4 talent.
  • While grouped and close to your mate, you and your mate both receive a large boost to your max HP, Stamina, and Ability
  • If both the mated Tropeognathus have the talent, it stacks additively between the two
  • It increases with the (in-game) friendship level between you

Deadly Wings

Swift Wings

  • This talent is only in the Tropeognathus tree, on the bridge between Mobility and Survival.
  • This talent reduces the ability, and stamina cost of using Wing Beat, as well as increasing the speed buff you get when successfully landing a Wing Beat on an airborne target.


  • It costs stamina to take off from the water, so make sure you have enough! This can be made less costly with the Quick Takeoff Talent.
  • If a Pteranodon attacks, make sure to always be above them! After all, battling in the skies is a matter of who has the high ground.
  • You turn pretty slowly in the air. Be sure to always angle yourself towards incoming Pteranodon to use Wing Beat.
  • It takes a little while to begin diving, bear this in mind when trying to evade.
  • Make sure not to let Pteranodons come behind you they can bite and slowly kill you!


  • Tropeognathus was originally going to be 150% as big, with a 12 meter wingspan!
  • The Strong Bond talent was inspired by mated albatross pairs.
  • Tropeognathus was going to be able to carry two creatures at once, but the idea was scrapped.