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Friendship is a mechanic in which you either gain or lose comfort based on the friendship grade you have with another player. With players outside of your group, you will build increasing amounts of X grade friendship depending on your proximity. With players inside of your group, you can gain friendship ranging from E to S, so long as you are part of the same species.

X grade equals enemyship. You build enemyship by remaining near an ungrouped creature. The worse your enemyship is with the ungrouped creature, the more stressed you will feel and the more your comfort will decline whenever they're around. This mechanic is mostly used to prevent mix-packing from species who shouldn't be hanging out together. Enemyship slowly degrades with time, unlike friendship.

A pair of Apatosaurus gaining frendship while watching the moon.

E to S grade equals friendship. Positive friendship is gained by creating a group and inviting other players to it. The closer you are to a groupmate, the quicker your friendship will build. If one of your groupmates isn't nearby, you will not gain any friendship with them. If you attack your groupmates, you will lose some of the friendship gained. The more damage you inflict, the more friendship you'll lose. With creatures of a different species, you can only reach C grade friendship.

By remaining near a player that you have positive friendship with, you will receive a "Near Friends" buff in your character screen, and an increase in comfort. Another perk to positive friendship is the reduction of friendly fire based on how high your friendship grade is (E being the lowest, and S being the highest). The list below shows how much friendly fire reduction comes with each friendship grade.

  • E grade reduces 0% of friendly fire.
  • D grade reduces 0% of friendly fire.
  • C grade reduces 25% of friendly fire.
  • B grade reduces 50% of friendly fire.
  • A grade reduces 75% of friendly fire.
  • S grade reduces 100% of friendly fire.

You can view your friendship with another user by finding them in the player list. Your friendship can be seen as a letter above their profile picture in varying shades of reds and pinks.