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See Flying Creatures

There are currently 3 flight-confirmed creatures. These are the Pteranodon, Tropeognathus, and Tapejara, with the first two being in the game, and the latter being planned for later on in the game's development.

To fly, the ideal method is to sprint and jump while looking at the sky. However, simply double tapping the spacebar can also get you airborne, but at a slower acceleration. To fly up, hold space; to slow down for a safe landing, hold e. Stamina is drained quickly when going up, or even when flying quickly with the sprint key.

To change direction, you can use the manual keys mentioned earlier (better when performing tighter maneuvers) or you can simply move in your camera's direction with W. When landing it is advised to use E, as otherwise you may crash and receive injury damage which cripples your flight. If you fly too high, you will receive the "thin air" debuff. This works similarly to the "out of bounds" debuff, where you begin to take significant comfort damage due to leaving the limits of the map.

When diving, you naturally accelerate. There is currently a bug whereby if you hit the ground at a very high speed going straight down, you will receive no damage.