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Unique abilities are special to each creature. The following are special abilities of the current playables.

Acrocanthosaurus will be able to inflict terrible bleeding wounds on its opponents. Bleeding is a status effect that damages health, comfort and raises injury damage. This allows the Acrocanthosaurus to engage in persistence hunting, wearing its prey out over long distances while they succumb to blood loss. A skilled Acrocanthosaurus can fell even the largest of creatures, so long as they are not allowed to recuperate.

The Apatosaurus is resistant to lightning and provides weather resistance to other creatures. It also has the sturdy ability, making it unable to take injury damage.

The Elasmosaurus can highlight fish to make easier for consumption. It also has an automatic aiming system, so it will almost always strike its opponents when they are within a certain radius of it.

The Ichthyovenator has the dart ability. This allows it to accelerate into schools of fish and eat multiple ones with less effort. In addition, when grabbed by a Mosasaurus, the dart ability allows the Icthyovenator to escape its jaws, at the cost of all of its stamina.

The Kronosaurus can charge up a charge attack that can do massive damage once release. This shatters bone and cripples its prey, making for an easy kill.

The Lurdusaurus will be a semiaquatic herbivore, able to freely move from land to sea to feed on new food sources and evade predators.

The Megalosaurus is able to scan its opponents, seeing their stats and singling out the weakest individuals as its prey.

The Mosasaurus is able to grab all but the largest of creatures, including adult Acrocanthosaurus.

The Oryctodromeus is able to dig burrows.

The Pachycephalosaurus gains momentum while charging, allowing it to knock back and injure competitors or would-be attackers.

The Parasaurolophus is able to lock on to enemies, emitting a sophisticated alarm call as well as highlighting the enemy for all members of its group. The sound varies depending on the severity of the threat.

The Pteranodon is so far the only flier added to the game. This allows it to easily travel from island to island without having to worry about the treacherous water below.

While not in game yet, Saichania has planned abilities for its release. An armored tank, it will be able to brace to take reduced damage. It will also use its tail club to devastating effect in the hands of a skilled player, able to outright kill smaller attackers and severely injure even the largest predators.

Upon release, the Tyrannosaurus rex will be the largest predator on the islands. It will deal the most damage by being able to grab prey, shake them around and then throw them, causing massive amounts of injury damage. This will leave the prey incapacitated, which is just a well because Tyrannosaurus is also one of the slowest predators. The element of surprise is paramount for success with this creature.

The Utahraptor retains all the lethality of its smaller relatives in a much bigger package. Fast, agile and huge, a coordinated pack can bring down even the largest of creatures. Their powerful legs and huge, sickle-like claws can be used to cling on to the side of prey and inflict devastating wounds. Utahraptor however do not like getting their feathers wet, and must take shelter during bad weather.

The Velociraptor has several unique abilities. It is able to pounce nearly all of the creatures in the game. It can also climb walls, allowing it to escape predators and reach areas normally inaccessible to other creatures. It is unable to take injury damage. Finally, it is able to enter Oryctodromeus burrows, even as an adult.