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All the mechanics which are currently in the game

Carrying Mechanic

The carrying mechanic allows a creature to carry objects with them, such as carcasses, ferns, comfort crystals, and comfort flowers.

Depending on the carnivore's size, a carnivore may rip off a piece of meat from a carcass when it activates the carry mechanic.

Each object has a carry weight, which slows down a creature over time.

The carry mechanic is activated by double tapping the use key next to something that can be carried.

A Megalosaurus carrying a chunk of meat.

Burrowing mechanic

Two Oryctodromeus burrowing.

Currently the Oryctodromeus is the only creature able to dig burrows.

Burrows are holes that can be dug in the ground. Animals that can dig can access new areas and hide from large predators. However, smaller animals like Velociraptor and juvenile animals can enter them. Burrows are impervious to natural disasters.

In the future, certain maps will have burrows built into them.


A Mosasaurus who has become beached

Beaching is a mechanic that can do in an aquatic creature. It sharply reduces comfort such that any player who has managed to beach themselves is in immediate peril of death if they do not get back into the water. Should a player become beached, their turn radius will become significantly reduced. They will also suffer from a greatly reduced movement speed. It will be very difficult to get back into the water if you manage to beach yourself high up on the shoreline. One of the easiest ways to become beached is due to receding tides, dropping water levels after a storm, or perhaps a nastily thirsty Apatosaurus who decided to drink your lake dry.

If you become beached, you are a very easy target for predators in a relatively helpless sta