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Coahuilaceratops is the first ceratopsian dinosaur to be confirmed for Beasts of Bermuda. Triceratops is a likely candidate, but it is not yet fully planned. See here for a full list of confirmed, discussed, and likely creature additions to the game.

This dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous, and like other ceratopsians, it was an herbivore. It is considerably smaller than its relative Triceratops, and more closely resembles the larger (dubious) chasmosaur "Torosaurus". Its in-game abilities are still being decided upon. It is very likely that this creature will not be playable for the public in quite some time. It had enormous horns relative to its body size.

The following are suspected but completely unconfirmed: Coahuilaceratops may have bleed. It will likely not be approachable from the front, similar to how Saichania is very difficult to target from the back. Coahui may have a unique charge attack similar to a dart in some ways.

This creature is most likely the next newest creature getting added to Beast of Bermuda.