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Kaprosuchus is a small carnivore confirmed for Beasts of Bermuda, donated for by the player Starcatcher. See here for a full list of confirmed, discussed, and likely creature additions to the game.

This mahajangasuchid crocodyliform has been dated back to the Late Cretaceous era, and its most notable feature is its "boar-like" fangs. Its eyes are also uniquely more forward facing than other neosuchians, and when coupled with the enlarged caniniforms that are sharp and straight, indicates that it likely may have been an almost exclusively terrestrial hunter. However, in Beasts of Bermuda, Kaprosuchus will be introduced as a semi-aquatic creature. Its in-game abilities are still being decided upon, but there is a high possibility that it may feature bleed. It is very likely that this creature will not be playable for the public in quite some time.