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$ 10 and you reach velvet velociraptor rank.

$ 15 for potent pachycephalosaurus.

$ 35 for unstoppable utahraptor.

$ 50 for Ichty Ichtyovenator. You have a discord rank and from this rank you are in the credits of the game !

The border around the names that shows for donators.

These are ranks with rewards :

$ 70 Mighty Megalosaurus ( from this rank, you win a special banner in the player board !)

$ 120 Accretited Acrocanthosaurus

$ 250 Chaotic Carnotaurus

$ 600 Menacing Mosasaurus (creation of the skin that you absolutely want to see on a creature !).

$ 1000 Terrifying Tyrannosaurus (you win to choose a dino that devs will work then you will put him some animation and roars.)

$ 2800 Amazing Apatosaurus ( the highest rank allows you to incorporate a creature you really want to see in the game, whether mesozoic or not !).

To donate to the game, see this page.

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