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Donations are always accepted throughout the game's development, but after early access release, no rewards will be given (excluding Amazing Apatosaurus).

$ 10 and you reach Velvet Velociraptor rank.

$ 15 for Potent Pachycephalosaurus.

$ 35 for Unstoppable Utahraptor.

$ 50 for Ichty Ichtyovenator. (From this tier upward, you receive a corresponding rank in the official Discord).

The border around the names that shows for donators.

All tiers below this point donated pre-early access release (excluding Amazing Apatosaurus) have additional rewards. These rewards include donator-exclusive glowing skins for the dinosaurs the tiers are named for, a Discord rank, and an in-game banner and icon border.

$ 70 Mighty Megalosaurus

$ 120 Accredited Acrocanthosaurus

$ 250 Chaotic Carnotaurus

$ 600 Menacing Mosasaurus

$ 1000 Terrifying Tyrannosaurus

$ 2800 Amazing Apatosaurus (The highest donation tier. Due to the massive contribution, you will be allowed to propose a creature to be implemented into the game. Though the developers would prefer Mesozoic suggestions, anything is fair game. Please note that the developers have every right to turn down a suggestion).

To donate to the game, please refer to the GoFundMe page or message Predatoria to make a direct contribution through Paypal. Donations can also be made through the game's official Twitch channel via bits, subscriptions, or simply money donations.

Return to Main Page or see Contributors. Exclusive skins can be found here.