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A Parasaurolophus skin made using the random button.

In Beasts of Bermuda, players can create their own customized skins based on existing skin layouts! This system allows players to define themselves more than the usual static skins selection. As this is written, this system is entirely unlocked, players can customize their skin as they wish.

Skins and Making skins

A Megalosaurus skin made by hand.

Players get to customize their dinosaur in two different ways:

  • As they spawn, the window to customize their skin will automatically show up once they selected the dinosaur to play as.
  • Whenever they wish to modify their dinosaur while in-game, they can press "O" by default.

Once this window is opened, players can select the skin they wish to wear using the box in front of "Skin". Depending on the selected skin, several categories will appear below this box offering the player a certain amount of options for this skin. They click one of the color buttons and edit the colors using the color picker below everything. With this picker one can:

  • Choose the color itself (Hue)
  • Choose the alpha layer of this color (= more or less present)
  • Choose the Saturation of this color (from white to specified color)
  • Choose its value (from pitch black to full vibrant)

If they wish to undo what they just did to their skin, admitting they had done something with this skin before, they can left click the cross button next to each category to reload the previous colors or right click this same button to reset its category entirely. Once this window is closed (either by pressing "O" again, or clicking "Start" when spawning a creature) the skin they have chosen saves and is persistent upon game close. In fact, the data for the skin is saved on both the local machine, the server they are playing on, and (will be on) the Steam's servers.

There is also a button that allows players to make random, naturally appealing skins.

Types of Skin Customization

There are three different types of skins.

  • Fully customizable skins - every part of the skin can be edited
  • Semi-customizable skins - only certain parts of a skin can be edited
  • Non-customizable skins - the skin cannot be edited beyond its default pattern

There will also be exclusive skins for certain players or developers.

Skins and Nesting

In the future, skins will be inherited by offspring when nesting. Offspring will have a combination of the parents' skins with some random variation.