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Beasts of Bermuda currently has four maps.

An Apatosaurus browsing on the Forest Island Map.

Caldera, the smallest, is more for the combat gamemode. Basically it's an arena surrounded on all sides by cliffs - if you want to chill with friends or have a gladiator match this is your map. Then there's forest island, adapted from Asoka's Forest Island, which is divided in two by an ocean. If a megapack is on one island you can cross to the other at your own risk. There's also a mini island in the middle to make the journey easier. Finally, there's bloodbath, a circular island with a large saltwater lake in the middle. Traveling around the entire loop takes quite awhile.

Another old map is Tropical Atoll, which is currently not playable.

Forest Island is better for the Sandbox or Life Cycle Gamemodes.

Another map for the Life-Cicle and the Sandbox mode appointed BloodBath.

Another who is a map for the Combat-based system appointed Calsera Death Match.

And a last map who is Ancestral Plains.