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Sai sneakpeek3.png
Paleo Information
Name Meaning: Saichania
Species: S. chulsanensis
Time Period: Cretaceous
Height: 1.2 m (4 ft)
Length: 6.1 m (20 ft)
Weight: 2 tons
Basic Information
Diet: Plants
Category: Herbivore
Stance: Quadrupedal
Family: Ankylosauridae
In-Game Stats
Health: 2.500
Damage: 250(tail)
Speed: TBA
Stamina: 50
Food Capacity: 100
Growth Rate: <specifics unknown>
Resistance: <specifics unknown>


The Saichania is a playable herbivorous creature in Beasts of Bermuda. It is a large, durable creature that possesses many defensive abilities that greatly help it defend against any would-be attacker.

Thriving in battle, the Saichania can use its weaponized tail to cripple its enemies, oftentimes causing them to limp almost immediately after receiving a hit. The Saichania can also turn in place to ensure its tail is facing its opponent, but even if caught by surprise at the front, it can defend its head by using its spiky shield, reflecting incoming damage right back at the attacker.

Unfortunately, all these defensive capabilities come at a big cost: a severe lack of mobility. The Saichania is a terrible runner, and will often find itself unable to escape certain deadly situations.


Unique Attributes: The Saichania is immune to injury, meaning it will never suffer from bone-break. It can also turn in place when the crouch key is activated.

  • Tail Swipe
    • Default: LMB (Left Mouse Button) / RMB (Right Mouse Button)
    • A fast tail swipe. It deals high damage and injury, and costs a moderate amount of ability power.
  • Spiky Shield
    • Default: Z (Ability Key)
    • The Saichania instantly reduces all incoming damage for a few seconds. While active, any attacks made on the Saichania will be reflected back at the attacker (for a minimum of 50% of the damage dealt). This ability costs an enormous amount of ability power per activation, and costs additional ability power per use within a short period of time. The ability power cost is partially refunded if Spiky Shield successfully blocks an attack.


  • A well time ability use will take no damage. But, the cooldown to use it again leaves the sai vulnerable to attacks.


  • Spiky Shield can't be used while swimming. Making it an easy target for Mosa, Krono, Elasmo, Lurd, & Itchy.
  • Slow speed. Even with full speed, a Sai can't move fast, making it hard to escape any predator that has speed.


Old skins before the remodel. Editing Note. The gallery of the old skins is here. It's not showing up in the preview.

Additional Notes

  • The Saichania is the first playable creature that can turn in place.