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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI creatures are programmed to move on their own without being controlled by a player.

AI creatures primarily function as a food source for carnivores and piscivores to hunt.

On the Isla Titania map, the player can interact with secret shrines to gain access to a playable AI creature. They possess a random skin upon spawning, and have the ability to grow and access talent trees like the main creatures. Playable AI creatures remain as a part of the player's saved creature menu, and can log out to be played with later.

List of AI currently in Beasts of Bermuda:

Tornados are the only AI that is not a creature. Once spawned, the tornado is programmed to track down the nearest terrestrial creature. If the tracked creature dies, swims underwater, flies away, or rests under 100% shelter, the tornado will abandon the target and seek the next closest terrestrial creature.


  • AI Raptors once patrolled the beaches of certain maps and attacked players within a certain range. They can no longer be found on any map today.