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Fully rendered head of a Megaraptor.
Paleo Information
Name Meaning: Giant Thief
Species: Megaraptor
Time Period: Cretaceous
Height: 8 feet tall
Length: 26 feet long
Weight: 1.1 tons
Basic Information
Diet: Meat
Category: Carnivore
Stance: Bipedal
Family: Megaraptoridae
In-Game Stats
Health: 475 (1.0 growth)
Damage: 50
Speed: 1000 (sprinting)
Stamina: 143
Food Capacity: 100
Growth Rate: 2 hrs (50% comfort, food, water, food satiation and water satiation)


Megaraptor is a Mid-Tier carnivore that is faster than Megalosaurus aswell as more fragile. It is basically a glass-cannon and is fully intended to be so.


Pros and Cons


- very high DPS

- fastest Mid-Tier

- able to escape dangerous situation with their unique Ability "Evasive Maneuver"

- second highest stamina (only outclassed by Velociraptor)

- Deadly in numbers

- high bleed damage

- Able to ability up to higher places, for safety, when the talent is maxed out along with Powerful Legs


- Terrible Health

- big hitbox for such low Health

- almost useless solo (very limited prey)

- Having more points in the ability and using it can cause injury from fall damage if it doesn't land where intended

- Maxed out Speed Tree can be caught by just about everything that isn't injured as it feels slow

- Will be Trope food once grabbed and dropped to their death



  • Special Ability: Titled "Evasive Maneuver" – Allows you to leap backwards, away from danger. Additionally, once Evasive Maneuver begins, you are immune to all damage until you either touch the ground, or until 1.25 seconds have elapsed. Whichever happens first. Evasive Maneuver's jump distance can be controlled by how long the player holds down the Ability key. While holding the Ability key, a small charge bar will show above the player's head, indicating how far the player will jump when the key is release. After the key is released, the megaraptor will crouch for a fraction of a second and then leap back. You do not become invulnerable until the leaping portion of this ability begins.

  • Secondary Attack: A Slash Attack, inflicting high bleed and moderate damage, while having an very high DPS (Damage per Second). Press-and-hold attack where it continuously swipes with its claws and consuming ability power while the key is held. You cannot sprint while using Slash Attack. Additionally, while using Slash Attack, you walk a little bit slower. Slash Attack can be held indefinitely until the player runs out of ability power. Slash Attack stops immediately when the Secondary Attack key is released.


  • A pack is a necessary when playing as Megaraptor, the more the better.
  • Skilling it's unique Evasive Maneuver talent should be a must as it highly increases the jumping distance and decreases how fast you have to charge it.
A Megaraptor caring for their offspring.



Creatures who deal injury should be avoided unless skillful, as a limping Megaraptor is easy prey for even the harmless of creatures. Also Megaraptor seems very vulnerable to stress so big herds should be avoided.

Additional Notes

  • Alongside the Megalosaurus, Megaraptor is one of the fastest-swimming non-aquatic playable creatures, becoming a fairly competent swimmer when Aqua Affinity, Strong Lungs, and Resilience talents are maxed out. Due to this, it can be an excellent dinosaur for island hopping, though it is especially vulnerable to aquatic predators if used in such a way.