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A Megalosaurus is drinking from a new water source to improve its water trial.

What Are Trials?

The trials system is a recent addition to Beasts of Bermuda in replacement of the old survival points system. With no rewards as of yet, trials can be used as a means of tracking a player’s accomplishments.

Each dinosaur begins with an empty trials tab (accessible in the Character Menu). As it grows, one must accomplish more to maintain a good trials status.

Each trial status can range from Very Bad to Excellent, depending on if you’ve been keeping up with the requirements or not. You can also view the percentage of a trial by hovering over the comfort icon next to each individual trial. The color of the comfort circle in the trials tab can also represent how high your trial is at a mere glance, following the comfort coloration system (red meaning it’s at its lowest, and blue meaning it’s at its greatest).

Trials will be unavailable if admin commands have been used on your creature. A completely natural creature will be capable of tracking its trials.

Types of Trials

Travel Distance

The bigger you are, the more distance you should’ve travelled! Keep this trial high by traveling around the map and exploring.

Water Sources Visited

Depending on the number of water sources on the map (all adult creatures must be capable of accessing them in order to count), there will be a designated number of water sources you must drink from in order to complete this trial. Once all available water sources have been visited, this trial will be marked as complete, and remain at an Excellent status.

Water Variety

This trial is affected by the variety of water sources you drink from. The more you drink from different lakes and ponds, the higher this trial will be.

Water Drunk

This trial notes how much your creature has drunk during its lifespan. It’s easier to keep this trial high if you’re frequently staying hydrated.

Food Satiation Eaten

This trial records the amount of satiation you have gained throughout your creature’s life. Satiation can be gained from player gores as a carnivore, and delicious plants as an herbivore.

Food Eaten

This trial tracks how much food you’ve eaten! It’s easier to keep this trial maxed out if your creature is regularly well fed.

Comfort Bias Consumed

Bias improves your comfort! This trial keeps track of how much bias you’ve consumed. Be aware though! Negative bias decreases the amount recorded in this trial. This is the only trial that can drop into the negatives.


Babies, babies, babies! This trial records how many players you’ve nested during your creature’s lifespan.

Storm Time Weathered

One of the more difficult trials due to the random generation of weather, this trial records the total of how long you’ve strove through growth storms.


This trial stays at the Excellent status after a player has reached adulthood, and records (in minutes) how long your creature has been alive.


This trial marks your highest friendship grade! It reaches Excellent status once you’ve reached S grade with at least one other player.


This trial records how many hunt points you have. Hunt points are gained by killing an ungrouped creature of another species. The bigger the player and the more hunt points it has, the more you will gain from its death.

Trial Rewards

In the future, there will be rewards for maintaining good Trials, however the rewards are currently undetermined. For the time being, Trials are simply there for players to track what they’ve accomplished on each of their creatures.