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An Arganodus player.

Paleo Stats

Species: A. atlantis
Time Period: Early Triassic to Early Cretaceous
Length: N/A
Weight: N/A

Basic Information

Category: Aquatic
Diet: Fish and Meat

In-game Stats (Adult, Growth 1.0)

Health: 225
Stamina: 100
Ability: 100
Base Food Capacity: 100
Overweight Food Capacity: 130
Weight: 120
Growth Rate: Quick
Weather Resistance: Very High
Can be picked up by a tornado: Yes
The Arganodus' shrine, surrounded by gold coins and other valuables.
Arganodus' attack animation.
Arganodus beached on land. It flops on the ground when in this state.


The Arganodus is one of the AI critters that spawn on Isla Titania. It primarily serves as a source of food in aquatic habitats for carnivores and piscivores. On Isla Titania, most Arganodus can be found within the salt marsh. It drops a large, pale-colored gore when killed and provides satiation. Unlike the small Chinlea fish, Arganodus AI cannot be detected by scent if the player character is not swimming.

Players can temporarily transform into an Arganodus by interacting with its shrine hidden on the Isla Titania map. Upon interacting with the shrine, the player will spawn as an Arganodus with a random skin, have the ability to grow, and will have access to a talent tree similar. All AI characters, including the Arganodus, cannot be saved and will be deleted upon logging out.

As a playable character, the Arganodus requires both fish and red meat. It may develop a deficiency in its diet and become sick if it does not consume enough of a certain food item. Finding fish is not a problem for it, as it can reveal the location of fish from far away by holding down the scent key. It must occasionally return to the surface of the water to gulp air and restore its oxygen. Like all aquatic creatures, it can die from beaching itself.


  • Bite
    • Default: LMB (Left Mouse Button)
    • A quick bite, inflicting damage and minor injury.
  • Dart
    • Default: RMB (Right Mouse Button)
    • A burst of speed that allows the user to briefly rocket forwards, inflicting minor damage to any creature it comes into contact with during the duration of the charge. Can be used to struggle out of the grab of a Mosasaurus, at the cost of self-inflicted damage and injury. Costs a large amount of ability power and stamina.
  • Aerial Ambush
    • Default: Z (Ability Key)
    • The Arganodus can grab flying creatures by holding the ability key next to them. As the victim is held, Ability power will deplete (meaning you cannot hold them forever), and you are not able to attack the grabbed victim. However, you can drown the victim by dragging them deep underwater. You must first unlock this talent in order to utilize it.


  • After the addition of the Arganodus, the smaller Chinlea fish AI no longer grant food satiation to piscivores.